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Glitterbomb 3.0 vs Porch Pirates

Former NASA scientist Mark Rober has made his third iteration of the Porch Pirate Glitterbomb! #NotAllHeroesWearCapes


Can you GROW an Opal?

Unlike other gems which are solid crystals, opal is made of silica nanoparticles which have to be stacked together in just the right way to produce their magnificent colors. By growing silica nanoparticles of the right size, synthetic opal can be grown. How realistic it looks is another question, though.

Staying Awake For 36 Hours

What if you stopped sleeping? The guys at AsapSCIENCE tested the impact of sleep deprivation on their attractiveness and cognitive ability by not sleeping for 36 hours.

I’ve been there!

Doctor Mike says, “Caitlin Doughty is the creator behind the YouTube channel “Ask A Mortician” where she normalizes death and educates her audience about what happens after… well… you know. Being the brilliant mortician she is, I thought it would make a lot of sense for us to not react to a medical drama, but a death drama, so we watched HBO’s Six Feet Under. Despite my years of medical training and experience, there isn’t a lot I know about what happens to the human body after it dies, so Caitlin enlightened me to things such as what happens to prosthetics, the smells of a mortuary, and what happens to your various orifices.”

Unbreakable Ice Cream Safe

NASA scientist Mark Rober invented an ice-cream safe that requires you to work and wait to open it, giving you time to re-consider your choice.

Ball lightning is a mysterious phenomena that’s been seen since the beginning of recorded history, but it’s so rare most people put it in the category of folklore or pseudoscience. However, there’s some new studies that seem to show that ball lightning is not only real, but there’s possibly many different kinds, and there’s a lot we can learn from it.

My dad claimed to have witnessed ball lightning during a storm in New York when he was a child. The whole family watched, horrified, as the softball-sized ball of plasma entered through a wall, floated lazily through the room, and exited through another wall.

The Golden Ratio is Kinda BS

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical construct based on the Fibonacci number sequence, and has been observed all throughout nature, architecture, and art. And some think it’s a universal constant, and divine. But… is it? Or are we only seeing what we want to see?

Ten Famous Human Oddities

There was a time when traveling circuses and freak shows were the preeminent form of entertainment of the day. Some people made a great living as human oddities, showing off their natural (and unnatural) bodies. Here are ten of the most famous.

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