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A spiral cloud at sunset.

Sunset from Corona Heights park, San Francisco.

The old tree by photographer Ane Rive.

A view of Borrowdale Valley, Cumbria, England, by photographer Carl Halliday.

A witch cottage!

Cuenca, Equador.

A mature supercell thunderstorm in west Texas, illuminated at varying heights by the setting sun. Taken by photographer Laura Rowe on 5/27/21.

Rainbow captured from the Alpine Creek lodge by the Denali highway by photographer Casey Ann Randall.

A monsoon storm near near Bisbee, AZ, on 7/28/21.

The Milky Way over Point Vincente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, just a stone’s throw from where I grew up. Photo taken on 8/2/21 by Ronald Dukat.

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