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A maple tree in a forest in Bursa, Turkey, by photographer Lecinderi.

The aurora borealis over Portage Valley, south of Anchorage, Alaska, by photographer CJ Kale.

Aurora borealis over icebergs and a low wet wood fire, by photographer Bejamin.

The aurora borealis over Jökulsárlón lagoon, Iceland, by photographer Gheorghe Popa.

Aurora Borealis curtains over Finland by photographer Susan Mara.

The Atacama desert flower bloom following the 2015 El Nino.

A Tuscon monsoon storm by photographer Leila Shehab.

The Arizona desert by photographer Charles L. Butterfield.

Twilight at the Tholos Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia near Delphi, Greece, by photographer Vincent J. Musi.

An arctic outhouse beneath northern lights in Levi, Finland, by photographer Juuso HD.

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