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Star trails circle the ruins of the 14th-16th century Hindu city Vijayanagar at Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), near Karnataka, India, by photographer Alexander Grabchilev.

Chiba, Japan, by photographer Yuzooooo.

Starfish on Indian Beach, Oregon, by photographer Vadim Balakin.

A bird examining the cherry blossoms in Japan, by photographer Hayashida Masayoshi.

A starry night on Kubu Island, Botswana, by Ben McRae Photography.

Chatwell Gardens, photographed by Miss Gen.

A stone church set against the Milky Way in New Zealand, by Matt Weller Photography.

A stone cottage in New Zealand by photographer AtomicZen.

Chamarel Falls on Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, by photographer Victoria Komarevych.

Storm clouds frame a sunset, by photographer Dru Jaxin.

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