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Phone Scammer Rage Moments

Ten minutes of scammers raging! Scam call center meltdowns happen when Scammer Payback pushes their buttons by doing several things like:

1. Deleting the scammers files

2. Speaking Hindi to them

3. Pretending to be an elderly victim

4. Hacker vs Scammer vs Scammer interactions

5. When the scammer finds out he’s been trolling them for hours

The locals feared the “wellness retreat” was not what it seemed.


As LastWeekTonight‘s John Oliver explains, psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.

Peirogi of Scammer Payback says, “This might be my greatest Scambait ever! The Amazon refund scam backfires on these scammers when we track down their money mules and deliver Glitter bombs. Teaming up with Mark Rober to take down these scammers is an amazing experience!”

Cicret Bracelet Debunked

Captain Disillusion examines the concept, design, execution, and fundraising of the Cicret Bracelet while trying to develop his own revolutionary invention.

Arcade Scam Science

Former NASA rocket scientist and engineer Mark Rober follows his Carnival Scam video with a visit to the arcade.

Former NASA rocket scientist and engineer Mark Rober busts this scam and then goes about building a real flying phone!

Pierogi of Scammer Payback says, “This scammer didn’t realize I had full access to his computer and it was loaded with call center data, transactions and potential victim list. I downloaded all his files right before deleting the files!”

Same story as yesterday, only this is Scammer Payback Perogi’s video with his unique perspective.

NASA engineer Mark Rober teams up with Scammer Payback‘s Perogi to nail a scammer! #NotAllHeroesWearCapes

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