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Ravens by Jan Blanca Photography.

Today is Rich’s & my 17th wedding anniversary! Kissing ravens captured by photographer Deidre Lantz.

Ravens are among the most intelligent of creatures on Earth. So it is not too surprising that a wounded raven would be intelligent and trusting enough to approach some people that he thought would be able to help him.
This was exactly the case when a young raven fledgling visited Gertie Cleary’s Nova Scotia home. The raven had just borne the brunt of a porcupine attack, and had been sitting on a fence yelling — clearly reaching out to Gertie for help in extracting the painful quills that were attached to its face.
Her daughter was there also at the time and caught the amazing incident on camera. According to the Clearys, the bird, which the family named Wilfred, stuck around for a day after the “operation” before flying away completely. Wilfred would not have survived without help. Gertie Cleary compared the experience to helping a child with a splinter. “When you pull a splinter out, they holler and screech and pull their hand away,” she said.

This has easily been the weirdest July ever. Lots of thunderstorms. It’s already the wettest July on record, and that all fell in one weekend. Now we’ve got drought, wildfires, AND flooding. Whee.

It's pretty much looked like this all month.

It’s pretty much looked like this all month.

Rich & I met his old friend Darren at the Alpine Tavern & Grill. Great place — lots of rustic charm. They have tin tubs full of unshelled peanuts and smaller tubs for the shells. There’s a tiny garden courtyard in the back with a darling wooden shed. Got this raven strutting around on top of it:

raven on shed

We recently removed the kitty vestibule that housed the litterbox and served as a conduit between the cat door and the steps down to the ground outside. Now the cat door is open to the world. We keep it locked, but it serves as a perfectly-sized puppy window, just at Cisco’s height. Here he is looking out at dusk and whining at a deer:

cisco window

A very clever crow nicknamed “007” successfully navigates his way through a complicated eight-part puzzle much to the amazement of “Inside the Animal Mind” host Chris Packham.

The crow is nicknamed “007” and its about to attempt one of the most complex tests of the animal mind ever constructed. The bird is familiar with the independent objects but this is the first time he’s seen them arranged like this – eight separate stages that must be completed in a specific order if the puzzle is to be solved. And if the bird succeeds, it will be a world first.

Swag galore.

swag galore

One might be the undisputed king of the sky in terms of speed, but which is the better aerial acrobat? The folks at Earth Unplugged find out using trained birds and a VampyreBATT high-speed camera.

A pair of silly ravens were caught rolling around in the snow and sliding down the glass of a snow-covered car.

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