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A raven foot by photographer Moonin Raven.

Pic of the Day – 9/8/21

“Raven Who Tells Stories” by artist Vasil Woodland.

These two ravens are having quite a conversation! What do you think they’re talking about?

Head to head ravens.

Pic of the Day – 8/25/21

This would be a GREAT name for a bar with a raven theme!

Photographer Dave Reed of southeastern Minnesota says, “While loading our cameras and gear into the Jeep for another weekend adventure, I noticed a ruckus and lots of movement across the road in the trees. A family of crows has taken up residence in one of those trees, and appear to either have eggs or young in the nest there. A marauding squirrel had gotten too close to the nest, it appears. Whether on purpose, squirrels sometimes will dine on eggs or chicks, or just by accident, the squirrel chose the wrong tree and the wrong time to be there. Crows often will have mom and pop tending the nest and young, and sometimes a last years sibling or relative will help out as well. This is the case with this nest. There are three very watchful crows keeping an eye on things around here.

“I was able to grab up my camera very quickly but had to depend on ‘yesterdays’ settings, as there was no time to make adjustments. I managed to get a series of shots of the crows chasing the squirrel out of the tree, across the road and straight to me. I had to yell ‘Hey’ as it appeared the squirrel might run right up my leg. After I hollered, the crow went one direction and then the squirrel the other, splitting company directly in front of me. I was so happy the camera settings were what was needed and I got the shot I had hoped for.”

Ravens by Jan Blanca Photography.

Today is Rich’s & my 17th wedding anniversary! Kissing ravens captured by photographer Deidre Lantz.

Ravens are among the most intelligent of creatures on Earth. So it is not too surprising that a wounded raven would be intelligent and trusting enough to approach some people that he thought would be able to help him.
This was exactly the case when a young raven fledgling visited Gertie Cleary’s Nova Scotia home. The raven had just borne the brunt of a porcupine attack, and had been sitting on a fence yelling — clearly reaching out to Gertie for help in extracting the painful quills that were attached to its face.
Her daughter was there also at the time and caught the amazing incident on camera. According to the Clearys, the bird, which the family named Wilfred, stuck around for a day after the “operation” before flying away completely. Wilfred would not have survived without help. Gertie Cleary compared the experience to helping a child with a splinter. “When you pull a splinter out, they holler and screech and pull their hand away,” she said.

This has easily been the weirdest July ever. Lots of thunderstorms. It’s already the wettest July on record, and that all fell in one weekend. Now we’ve got drought, wildfires, AND flooding. Whee.

It's pretty much looked like this all month.

It’s pretty much looked like this all month.

Rich & I met his old friend Darren at the Alpine Tavern & Grill. Great place — lots of rustic charm. They have tin tubs full of unshelled peanuts and smaller tubs for the shells. There’s a tiny garden courtyard in the back with a darling wooden shed. Got this raven strutting around on top of it:

raven on shed

We recently removed the kitty vestibule that housed the litterbox and served as a conduit between the cat door and the steps down to the ground outside. Now the cat door is open to the world. We keep it locked, but it serves as a perfectly-sized puppy window, just at Cisco’s height. Here he is looking out at dusk and whining at a deer:

cisco window

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