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Photographer Ken Wick says, “Probably the luckiest shot I’ve ever captured! A fearless blue jay attacking an eagle – David vs. Goliath! I call this one Eye to Eye. The look on the eagle’s face says it all.”

Barred owlet on moss.

A bald eagle keeping eggs warm.

An annoyed screech owl with nestling, by photographer Mark J. Schocken.

An osprey hunting at the River Spey in the Scottish Cairngorms, by photographer Bill Doherty.

Just after sunset in Rancho Palos Verdes on 10/1321 by photographer Keith Willis.


This is an African crowned eagle’s foot.

A Northern Harrier and a White-tailed Kite with locked talons over a dropped mouse in Northern California. November 2018, by Pamela Rose Hawken Photography.

A honeycomb thief (Eurasian Honey Buzzard) with bees in hot pursuit. They eat bees and wasps. Photo by Wanling Tang.

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