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A rainbow over Zion National Park, Utah, by photographer RJ Hooper.

A trifecta of lightning, a rainbow, and a huge saguaro cactus, captured by photographer Greg McCown.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A rainbow path.

A rare reverse rainbow, a circumhorizontal arc with a 22-degree halo, photographed in the Khumbu Valley, Nuptse summit, Himalayas, by Neha Gadhari.

A double rainbow over Vancouver, B.C., Canada, by photographer Myriam Casper.

A double rainbow with horses.

Spotted a rainbow on the way home from Thanksgiving with Mom yesterday:


t-day rainbow

Then this morning, we were treated to a winter wonderland!

black friday snow

black friday snow1

Cisco was so tired after the big day yesterday. Here he is sleeping with his blue squeaky bone as a pillow.

cisco sleeping on bone

A 360-degree double rainbow, taken from an airplane.

360 degree rainbow

The other day Rich & I went to Viejas Casino for lunch. (No, we don’t gamble. We just go there for cold beers, really great food at amazingly cheap prices, and, in the summer, for the industrial-grade air-conditioning.)

We were on the back end of three days of rain and the air was still quite unstable. Spotted this rainbow reaching down into the Sweetwater Meadow on the way home. Had to stop the car and get a picture. It faded fast, too.


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