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Says Puddles Pity Party, “Here’s a Friday Feels for ya. This upbeat and feel good hit was recorded live in front a living audience.”

Another Christmas classic by Puddles Pity Party:

Puddles Pity Party covers the Louis Prima classic.

Tis the season!

Says Puddles Pity Party, “In the spirit of Halloween, I made this video with our friends Zabrecky, Matt Devine and Casey Storm. Zabrecky is an award winning magician and conjured these magical creatures from beyond. They mingled among us and revealed, to us, many secrets of the universe.”

Plus, PUPPIES on set!

Says Puddles Pity Party, “I’m not sure what forces were directing us to record this song in this style. Muse can be a confounding guide. We went with it.”

Says Puddles Pity Party, “Our pal Jake La Botz and I were talking about what stirs up nostalgic feelings. For us, it’s things like starting a car with a key, that static AM sound on the radio, riding in the back seat of PawPaw’s Impala on the way to school, or just being silly with friends. Check pout my wicked Glockenspiel solo. Never My Love was written by Donald and Richard Addrisi and was a huge hit for The Association. It’s considered to be the second most played song on television and radio of the twentieth century. Now ya know.”

“Crazy Train” by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party says, “My pal RL Martin came by the garage before we went to see an early viewing of The Joker. We were wondering what to play when train after train went by. He just started playing Crazy Train. Andrew captured it. One take and off we went. I know some of y’all are not gonna like what I did here, but I’m gonna go where the muse takes me. I’m just inviting you to come along for the ride. To see what happens. Let’s go!”

“Azure” by Puddles Pity Party

Says Puddles Pity Party, “Here’s a nice lullaby tune for ya. Billy Pitman came by the studio and we got on a moon kick this summer. “Azure” is a 1937 song composed by Duke Ellington with lyrics by Irving Mills. Making art with friends is the greatest thing.”

“Strangers” by Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party says, “This song was written by Dave Davies. Our pal, Jake La Botz, stopped by the garage. We talked about life and living and his Buddhist meditation practice. Then we decided to play this song. It’s been on my mind lately, although I’ve never played it before. Jake plays a mean guitar, and I love playing that outta tune Ban-Tar or whatever it’s called. Let’s hear it for Andrew and that Fog Storm 1200! I adore making art with these guys.”


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