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Journey back in time to the legendary city of Sparta, where Spartan warriors were the ruling class and education was a brutal 30-year process. Discover the truth about the different classes of people and the unique way of life in this fascinating ancient civilization.

More than 50 Marine combat cameramen operated across the island of Iwo Jima, as one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific theater of World War II raged on. Curator Greg Wilsbacher at the University of South Carolina Libraries has been working with the U.S. Marine Corps History Division to digitize this footage. In this film, he provides commentary on some of the highlights of this newly digitized footage. The footage was mainly intended to be used for intelligence and training, but it provides an intimate look at the battle, and also the Marines who were a part of it.

The lounges used to have piano bars. Coach lounges.

The US decided not to join the rest of the world to go metric. Here’s why.


San Francisco’s tallest residential skyscraper is the 645-foot-tall Millennium Tower. Since its completion in 2009, the building has sunk several inches into the soil, and it is also leaning 26 inches at the top. A plan for retrofitting the sinking and leaning tower has been proposed, with an initial estimated cost of $100 Million. But the plan had to be revised due to an unexpected problem and now the cost of the revised fix increased from the initial $100 Million to an estimated $500 million. With millions of dollars at stake, for the engineers it’s a race against time to fix this sinking and tilting building.

I feel so bad for poor Britney Griner.

Pic of the Day – 10/29/22

A couple of days after Ukraine blew up Russia’s only direct link to the Crimean peninsula, they came out with a new stamp.

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