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Animals Being Silly Compilation

Pic of the Day – 7/23/18

If only there were such things as mini dragons at Petco.

Pic of the Day – 2/11/18

Ladies and gentlemen, a hamster in a sweater. That is all.

Mini the Squirmy Worm

Mini is the chillest cat I’ve ever met. He is so comfortable showing us his belly for rubs.

Making Tiny Things For A Hamster

YouTuber JennaMarbles and her very patient boyfriend Julien makes more tiny food and furniture for their hamster, Ad.

Pic of the Day – 7/16/17


Ladies and gentlemen, a ferret in a bathtub. That is all.

YouTuber JennaMarbles, who recently got a hamster, was inspired by the Internet.

Always worth a re-visit.

Watch the behind the scenes making-of video below. They used ALL rescue pets, too:

Surprised Hamster

That is all.

Hand-Held Bird Bath

Adorables ensue.

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