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YouTuber and mortician Caitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician tells us about alt-country messiah Gram Parsons (and his botched Joshua Tree cremation.)

Fun AND appropriate! (Sorry, I do strive to make this blog a politics-free zone, but you’ll have to make an exception for me just for today.)

I’m sure there will be protests, but I pray that this day will see a peaceful transition of power and that democracy shall prevail again in the United States.


A friendly PSA from comedian Chris Rock.

YouTuber Caitlin (aka Ask A Mortician) actually traveled to Waco to visit the site.

LastWeekTonight‘s John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous.


As the U.S. Postal Service faces financial catastrophe, LastWeekTonight‘s John Oliver discusses why the service is so important, what brought it to this point, and what we can do to help.

Imagine you could go back in time to January 2020, what would you say to yourself?


There’s definitely a formula at play here.

No, this isn’t a deepfake. In 1973, the stock market crashed and an Arab oil embargo resulted in a gas crisis. With that as the context, a (false) rumor of a toilet paper shortage emerged and spread like wildfire via news outlets before it was further fueled by Johnny Carson (who later apologized). It’s a fascinating story of shortage psychology and panic buying.

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