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A manly hero coming to the rescue of a beautiful damsel in distress has been a common trope since literally the earliest days of theater, going all the way back to the Ancient Greeks. As the centuries passed, mythical creatures were replaced by more mundane dangers- notable to the topic at hand is the common trope of top hat clad, magnificently mustachioed villains tying buxom damsels to railway tracks while a dashing hero rushes in to save the day.

For a creature we never see, the monster in Bird Box left a lot of clues. The Film Theorists gathered the evidence and lay it all out. Personally, I thought one of the drawings looked like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, which is supposed to drive men insane.


From Neill Blomkamp, Oats Studios and BioWare comes a live-action trailer of survival set in the world of Anthem, decades before the events of the game.

How Technicolor Changed the Movies

What was “glorious Technicolor?” It was a groundbreaking technology — but it was more than just that.

“From her struggling early days to her successful heyday, you’ll see the Lucy you love and meet the Lucy you never knew — the incredible woman behind the public persona. In ‘Finding Lucy,’ you’ll find yourself falling in love with Lucille Ball all over again.”

Pic of the Day – 12/23/18

I’m just gonna drop this right here and run away…

We’ve all had tough days at the office. But some actors, dedicated to giving it their all, took their work a few steps too far. Though these critically-acclaimed, often award-winning performances are a delight to watch, the experience of preparing for and recovering from these roles did a number on the actors involved, and left a lasting impression — not always for the positive. Here are several actors who went the extra mile for their craft…

He was a self-confessed freak, a maniac, a drug fiend greatly enamored with guns, whiskey, and quantities of hallucinogens that could knock out entire metropolises at a time. Today, we’re speeding into ten lesser known facts about Gonzo himself, Hunter S. Thompson.

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