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Mt. Bromo in the foreground with Mt. Semeru in the background, Java, Indonesia, by photographer Achmad Sumawijaya.

Mt. Shivling, 21,467 feet, from Garhwal, Himalayas, India, by photographer Peter McBride.

Huangshan mountain range, Anhui province, China.

Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India, on the China border with the Himalayas, by photographer Sanjeev Bhor.

Glacier Collapse

Videographer Ryan Taylor captured a dramatic glacier collapse in Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand, during a ski mountaineering trip.

I would totally stay in the mountain shack, but I’d want to be alone. (Also? That preview image has nothing to do with the video.)

A shepherd in the Altai Mountains, Mongolia, by photographer Tariq Sawyer.

A shepherd in Iran, photographed by Hemad Nazari.

YouTuber Gab707 got this amazing footage over Hübschhorn East Ridge, Simplon Pass, Switzerland.

A night skier in the glow of aurora on the Yukon’s Tombstone range by photographer Reuben Krabbe.


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