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I came *this* close to moving there in 1999. Someday maybe I’ll go back.


Another visitor touring Bisbee, AZ, “The Vintage Art Town Trapped in Time”

Fun fact: I came *this* close to moving to Bisbee back in 1999.

A sulfur miner in Indonesia toiling at 9,000 feet elevation, photographed by Gleb Tarro.

Extracting Ghost Town Silver

YouTuber How To Make Everything went to the silver mining ghost town of Silver Reef, Utah, to collect a sample of silver ore and meet up with Cody of Cody’s Lab to learn how to extract it. With some silver extracted he’ll be able to continue his ongoing quest to make a photograph from scratch.

Here’s a riddle: How do you transform a 10-foot-deep freshwater lake into a 1,500-foot-deep saltwater lake in two days? How do you make an entire oil derrick, 11 fully-laden shipping barges, one tugboat, and 65 acres of land disappear in the same amount of time?

Answer: With a simple engineering error, resulting in a misplaced 14-inch drillbit piercing the roof of an underwater salt mine.

This landslide occurred at Seaside Malaysia in 1993. From the videographer: “That year, I received a call by the owner of a tin mine (the element tin, not tin as in cans…). He said that his mine, which had been running for a few decades, was about to collapse. I rushed to the scene with my video camera and waited for a few hours. Finally, I took this valuable footage. Although the footage lasted only a few minutes, it is horribly exciting enough. I hope that this video can let you all appreciate the consequence of ruining our environment.”

This video footage shows the rapid collapse of the working face closest the sea, allowing complete flooding of the mine and forming a new cove measuring approximately 0.5 sq km (0.19 sq mi). The video shows a number of people in a craft toppling over the edge of the failure at 2:32.

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