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Mini’s Crazy Sleeping Poses

Mini is easily the chillest cat we’ve ever known. He’s very open with his belly, regularly stretching out for belly rubs. And he loves to fall asleep like that, too.

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Home-grown cherries from trees that grew back from the roots after the Cedar Fire. What should I make? Clafoutis?


Mini being a nutball. I missed the best parts, where he was up on the arm of the couch, but under the afghan. Getting all medieval on the poor thing. Lucky it’s a piece of crap. We were actually *this* close to buying a new one when we adopted Mini. We decided we’d better wait, at least until he’s out of the crazy kitten stage.

Crabcakes Benedict is so pretty to look at, they’re like little works of art. DELICIOUS works of art.

Garnished with home-grown lemon thyme. YUM.

Garnished with home-grown lemon thyme. YUM.

More flowers. Irises, cactus blooms, some wildflower…

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Mini loves to give up his belly. It’s his fave place for rubs.

curly mini

There must have been half a dozen birds all sharing the feeder at once. This was so unusual, I had to sneak up on them and take a video.

Rich has been asking me to make Hungarian Goulash for him. Said it was really easy and he used to make it all the time. Then he looked up actual recipes and realized that what he’d been making wasn’t Hungarian Goulash at all. What he did was combine some browned ground beef (good grass-fed Angus with 15% fat) with some cooked pasta, marinara sauce, garlic, and oregano in a casserole dish, topped with some Parmesan cheese, and baked it all in the oven. It was good:

"Hungarian" "Goulash"

“Hungarian” “Goulash” aka “Bachelor Food”

hungarian gulash1



Mini can sleep in the wonkiest positions:

mini sleeping

A pair of birds hanging out on some iron hoops found on the property:

birds on hoops

Some recent sunset action:

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Before everyone gets upset, there are TONS of these bunnies around our property. They could use a bit of thinning. Mini caught this guy the day before, and was still playing with it while it was alive. It did make a break and got some distance away, out of our sight. But several minutes later, we heard the chirping scream of a dying rabbit. Poor thing.

The Mighty Hunter.

The Mighty Hunter.

Mini must have cached it under some leaves, because the next day he was playing with it. He ended up eating most of the head and shoulder area before we had to remove it away from the house.

We have two (very short) videos, plus a slideshow. Rich took the pics while I kept Cisco from losing his mind.

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Well, about a week after Mini got fixed, he had a new problem: an infected abscess above his tail. After we got him into a carrier once, though, he wasn’t having it again. Finally we had to buy a top-loading carrier. That did the trick. He went in day before yesterday, and it was bad, apparently. He would’ve been a goner if he was still outdoors. He’d already lost weight, and his energy level was way down. 24 hours after surgery, he’s all spit and vinegar again. He was playing like a monster last night. Here he is wearing the cone of shame. The wound looks worse than it really is because there’s still some cotton and dried blood caked on there.

He loves terrorizing the trailing end of this afghan.

He loves terrorizing the trailing end of this afghan.

This shot was from a couple weeks ago. He was sleeping like this, not stretching:


Finally, we had a pair of bobcats wander through the yard. Looked like a female with her cub. Beautiful animals. Bob tails twitching. I was holding Cisco to prevent him from running up to the window and barking, so I didn’t get any good pics. Just this bit of the female behind a tree as she was leaving.


Mini Got Fixed

Since Mini has been coming inside regularly now, we decided we’d better get him fixed. He’d been fighting with and chasing other ferals off his territory, and he’s at the age (around 6 mos.) where he might want to start marking inside the house. We waited a week or so, just to gain his trust, and took him in on Tuesday morning.

Getting him into the carrier was surprisingly easy, and he barely made a peep in the car. He is really the chillest cat I’ve ever met.

Here he is shortly after surgery, still coming out of anesthesia and stumbling around like a little drunken sailor:

The following day (Wednesday) we kept him inside all day. This was VERY difficult for him. By Thursday morning, after around 60 hours of confinement, it was clear we’d have to let him out or he’d destroy the house. He came back in around dusk, though, just like always. Thank goodness he still trusts us.

Stretching with Rich:

mini w-rich

Head scritchies.

He's great about letting you stick fingers between his toes.

He’s great about letting you stick fingers between his toes.



We need to fashion some cat toys, because he is still just a kitten, and he needs ways to safely blow off steam when he’s not outside. I saved a bit of Christmas curling ribbon for this purpose, and he loves mauling on a scrap of fleece. The carpet remnants are good for biting, too.

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