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Volcanic lightning captured by photographer Francisco Negroni.

Double rainbow and lightning over Sauble Beach, Canada, by photographer IG@phantamos.

Mamatus clouds and an electric storm in Nebraska by John Finney Photography.

Rare sprites beyond a storm cloud over Roswell, New Mexico on 6/4/22 by photographer Alexis Maillard.

“Disturbance in the Force” One shot, handheld, no HDR, no composites – by photographer Adam Kyle Jackson.

Lightning hitting water.

A monsoon storm near near Bisbee, AZ, on 7/28/21.

These are very rare red fairies and sprites. They are very rare weather phenomena associated with thunderstorms.

Lightning over the Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point.

Lightning over Lake Ontario, taken from Lyndonville, New York, by photographer James Ianni.

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