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Lightning over the Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point.

Lightning over Lake Ontario, taken from Lyndonville, New York, by photographer James Ianni.

Lightning over the Grand Canyon by photographer Rolf Maeder.

Lightning captured by photographer Kristjan Madalvee.

Ball lightning is a mysterious phenomena that’s been seen since the beginning of recorded history, but it’s so rare most people put it in the category of folklore or pseudoscience. However, there’s some new studies that seem to show that ball lightning is not only real, but there’s possibly many different kinds, and there’s a lot we can learn from it.

My dad claimed to have witnessed ball lightning during a storm in New York when he was a child. The whole family watched, horrified, as the softball-sized ball of plasma entered through a wall, floated lazily through the room, and exited through another wall.

Mount Colima, Mexico, by photographer Sergio Tapiro.

Sound required for full effect. NSFW!

An oak tree burning from the inside out after being struck by lightning. Photo by Brent Hager.

Purple lightning near Canadian, Texas, by photographer Camille Seaman.

Calbuco volcano in southern Chile creating its own lightning, by photographer Francisco Negroni.

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