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“Boy on Horse” in Hyderabad, India, by photographer Shiva Krishna.

From YouTuber The Cooper Scoop: “This is the second time the farrier has come to trim this pony’s hooves. It is looking so much better from the first time.”

From YouTuber The Cooper Scoop: “A dear friend’s pony has overgrown hooves. I did my best to trim back the hooves but to rescue this pony we had to get professional help. I called the best farrier in my area to come trim these overgrown hooves. We found out that Charlie had foundered and that’s why his hooves have overgrown. It is going to take at least a year of trimming to get the angles right on this pony.”


This neglected pony’s hooves were in very bad shape when he was rescued — his hooves had grown so long that he couldn’t run and keep up with the other horses. But through this horse rescue, The Cooper Scoop was able to trim his hooves so he could run like all the other horses.

The second day of Pentecost marks an annual pilgrimage in El Rocío, Andalusia, Spain. Photo by Jose Antonio Zamora.

A wild pony in the Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia, by photographer Adam Welch.

Wild horses on stampede in the Iceland highlands by photographer Charlotte Goss.

He tried to get his 6-year-old girl into Star Wars, but it didn’t stick. On a related note, he knows WAAAAY more about My Little Pony than any adult man should know.

Playful Horse Loves on TV Reporter

This adorable horse has a crush on this poor reporter and won’t let him finish his sentence.

Horse vs Squeaky Rubber Chicken

Guess who wins? (Sound is absolutely required.)

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