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A wild pony in the Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia, by photographer Adam Welch.


Wild horses on stampede in the Iceland highlands by photographer Charlotte Goss.

He tried to get his 6-year-old girl into Star Wars, but it didn’t stick. On a related note, he knows WAAAAY more about My Little Pony than any adult man should know.

Playful Horse Loves on TV Reporter

This adorable horse has a crush on this poor reporter and won’t let him finish his sentence.

Horse vs Squeaky Rubber Chicken

Guess who wins? (Sound is absolutely required.)

A black stallion.

black stallion

Adorables ensue.

A Fresian decked out in Christmas finery by Black Horse Photography.

xmas-fresian-black horse photography

An Arabian mare in Dhashur, Egypt, by photographer Glenn Jacobs.

The place where we made this photo was wide open, without any fence. The mare though always returned to her handler, which was a nice sight to behold.

Wild horses on Mt. Yamnuska in Alberta, Canada, by photographer O. Mehes.

wild horses-mt yamnuska-alberta-canada_o. mehes

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