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“Ghost Tour”

Another gem from Crypt TV:

A Nippon Addams Family.

Happy Halloween!

“Knock Knock”

Who’s there? The filmmakers at Crypt TV invite you to see:

“Jack O’ Lantern”

A short horror film by the filmmakers at Crypt TV:

Real-Life Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky — they’re New Jersey’s very own Addams Family! Rick Schrek, 46, his wife Kate Schreck, 42, and their three kids, Winter, Samara and Kyle, have an affinity for the macabre. Creepy dolls, marionette puppets, a mummified goats head — and more than 100 Ouija boards — are just a few of the eerie treasures sprinkled throughout their Milltown house.

Wayne Brady Covers “Thriller”

Wayne Brady and PostmodernJukebox jazz up Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in a 1930s-style cover:

Dog Halloween Costumes

YouTuber JennaMarbles makes her dogs try on a variety of adorable Halloween costumes:


Big Cats’ Pumpkin Party

The good folks at Big Cat Rescue know their charges LOVE to play with pumpkins. The roll, they float, they smell and taste so interesting, and they’re SO crunchy.




I grew up watching this show!

The Apprehension Engine

The Apprehension Engine is a custom-made musical instrument designed to produce the scary, tension-building noises associated with horror movies, but without the all-too-obvious digital chopping and synthesizing invariably involved. The result is something organic and seamlessly natural—something that goes beyond fear and fright to nail you to some deep Jungian place so completely you become a part of it.

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