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Pic of the Day – 2/13/20

True that!

Becoming Dog Stairs For Halloween

YouTuber JennaMarbles got all kinds of fed up with her dogs using her body to climb up on her desk.

Trying on Dog Halloween Costumes

YouTuber JennaMarbles got her dogs a bunch of fun new outfits!

Toothbrush Halloween Costume

I spent the past 5 weeks dealing with excruciating neck and shoulder pain. It’s finally working its way out, but I totally missed Halloween! So here are the videos I’d planned on sharing (3 in total).

YouTuber JennaMarbles made her own toothbrush costume. Yeah that’s right, what about it?!?

“Ghost Tour”

Another gem from Crypt TV:

A Nippon Addams Family.

Happy Halloween!

“Knock Knock”

Who’s there? The filmmakers at Crypt TV invite you to see:

“Jack O’ Lantern”

A short horror film by the filmmakers at Crypt TV:

Real-Life Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky — they’re New Jersey’s very own Addams Family! Rick Schrek, 46, his wife Kate Schreck, 42, and their three kids, Winter, Samara and Kyle, have an affinity for the macabre. Creepy dolls, marionette puppets, a mummified goats head — and more than 100 Ouija boards — are just a few of the eerie treasures sprinkled throughout their Milltown house.

Wayne Brady Covers “Thriller”

Wayne Brady and PostmodernJukebox jazz up Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in a 1930s-style cover:

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