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The Dock

“The Far Away Dock” There’s a reason why kids were told to stay away from the far dock on the lake…

Mini panther bats!

Dybbuk Box Will KILL You

Time Stamps:

#3 — “Laughter” — 0:50 — Hunters hear strange sounds in woods at night

#2 — “Pinch” — 9:02— Campers wake up to something awful outside

#1 — “Turn Around” — 16:40 — This is why you should never explore abandoned buildings

Pic of the Day – 4/14/21

Dia de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery by photographer Melissa Cormican.

Who knew that the red monster in those Bugs Bunny cartoons was named Gossamer?

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is “Witches Going to Their Sabbath” (or “The Departure of the Witches”), 1878 oil on canvas, by Luis Ricardo Falero.

I, for one, LOVED Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams and she still personifies the character for me.

The veil between the worlds grows thin…

Who doesn’t love classic Halloween movies!?!

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