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A flowering Fuji cherry (aka prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’) bonsai tree.

A flowering Japanese apricot (aka prunus mume) bonsai tree.

SQUEE ALERT! A harvest mouse in a tulip, by photographer Miles Herbert.

A flowering daisy bonsai.

Fallen cherry blossoms in a lake at Inokashira Park, Japan, by photographer Danilo Dungo.

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“Fairy Twinkle” in a bluebell wood in Scotland by photographer Miranda Huckle.

Pic of the Day – 1/9/20

“Rum Row,” oil on panel by artist Frederick Judd Waugh (1922).

Daisies dressed in ice, taken in Russia.

Springtime in Japan, by photographer Evaa Yap.

A Chojubai dwarf flowering quince bonsai named Old rascal, in an antique Chinese pot, by artist Michael Hagedorn.

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