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This is oddly satisfying.

Daytime Fireworks in 4K Slow Mo

Gav and Dan have the biggest and most colorful finale of their Planet Slo Mo show that they could possibly think of.

Correfoc, aka the “fire run,” in Catalonia, Spain, by photographer M. Barrio.

Bootleg Fireworks Gone Wrong

A reminder to not play with bootleg fireworks, kids! With awesome subtitles. Sound required. NSFW because swearing.

The Slow Mo Guys took precautions by wetting down the grass beforehand.

Pistol fireworks for the Gion Matsuri Festival at the Yoshida Shrine in Toyohashi City, Japan, by photographer Hidenobu Suzuki.

pistol fireworks-gion matsuri festival-yoshida shrine-toyohashi city-japan_Hidenobu Suzuki

Ever wonder what fireworks look like up close? Watch as a drone flies through a show and returns unharmed.

Happy Fourth of July!

National Geographic photo of Parrandas festival fireworks in Cuba by photographer Paolo Pellegrin.

parrandas festival fireworks-cuba-paolo pellegrin

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