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Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson and his partner!

Nile Wilson on Dancing on Ice

Nile rates his own performances on the show. I think he’s doing amazingly well!

Training for “Dancing on Ice”

Olympian Nile Wilson shares the saga of competing on “Dancing on Ice.”

Training for Dancing on Ice

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson got tapped to compete on Dancing on Ice!

OMG this is so awesome.

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson and his friends try figure skating!

Baldé’s Short Program in the Canadian Nationals, 1/12/18.

Elladj Balde says, “The message behind the song A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke has been one I’ve wanted to share since the moment I heard it when I was a kid. This February I had the opportunity to share that message and share the stage with @aloeblacc for one of the most meaningful moments of my career.”

Performing at the Eisgala Oberstdorf in December 2013.

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