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David Suzuki explains the fallacy of conventional economics, in an interview done for the BBC. This inspiring video points out the fallacy of conventional economics – a belief that there are no limits – and provides a hopeful model with which to frame our vision for the future.

“Conventional economics is a form of brain damage.” ~ David Suzuki

Go Back to Bed, America

From the Great George Carlin:

Feel free to re-post this, people.

I like his rainbow tie, too.

The Fiat Economy

Great tutorial on what a fiat economy is, how it works, and why it’s doomed to fail.

E*Trade Baby Loses Everything

This was written by Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post on 11/13/08:

But there is also no denying that American-style capitalism has been undermined by its own success. In its present incarnation, it rewards manipulation over innovation and speculation over genuine value creation, resulting in massive misallocations of capital and the accumulation of unheard-of wealth in the hands of money managers and top corporate executives who are more lucky than they are skilled.

No longer is it the entreprenurial capitalism of Google and Amazon and Nucor Steel that animates the American imagination — it is the financial capitalism of Enron and Drexel Burnham Lambert, of Goldman Sachs and the Blackstone group, of publically traded real estate investment trusts and multibillion-dollar hedge funds. Here in the United States, they have sucked up a disproportionate share of talent and capital, distorted compensation systems, and helped to perpetuate the false notion that companies exist solely to enrich their investors and investment bankers. And now, through the marvels of global financial markets, they have spread their toxic culture and products to economies across the globe.

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