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Title says it all!

Ah, karma.

Dancing Traffic Light

The Dancing Traffic Light is a concept by the car company Smart that translates human dancing into real-time movements on an unconventional “Don’t Walk” light. The project is intended to make waiting at a stop light more entertaining to help dissuade people from crossing against traffic.

Racecar Glowing in Infrared

FLIR Systems, a manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, created this infrared video of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 race car, the RB8, at GAMMA Racing Day 2014 in the Netherlands. The plumes of hot exhaust, and the hot tires and brakes are all clearly visible in the video.

Ah, Russian dashcams. Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect ninja landing on the car’s roof.

Self-Driving Cars

Leave it to webcomic XKCD.com‘s Black Hat character to invent a fun new game:


Close Calls

A video compilation of terrifyingly close calls. The ones at 2:24 and 3:15 were brilliant.

AP Driver’s Ed

Tripp and Tyler offer some super handy tips to “top tier automobile operators” in their hilarious parody of an old-timey driver’s education video.

To illustrate the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving, Volkswagen recently staged a clever experiential stunt at a Hong Kong movie theater. Unsuspecting movie goers were shown an in-car video of a vehicle driving down a country road. Meanwhile, a location-based transmitter sent a message to mobile phones in the theater. At the precise moment the audience was distracted by their phones, the car crashes. The event was created by ad agency Ogilvy Beijing.

Guardian Angels: On Duty

A compilation of lucky people surviving amazingly close calls. The best one is at 3:13, and even set to lovely music.

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