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The cult classic film Harold and Maude features an awesome piece of automotive engineering: the Jaguar hearse Harold constructs after his mother takes away his beloved 1959 hearse (a Cadillac Superior coach, owned by a collector in Modesto, CA). Sadly, the original Jaguar hearse was destroyed during the filming of the movie in 1971. But there’s a new hearse in town! Ken Roberts, an Arizona-based car enthusiast, began work to recreate the original Jaguar hearse from Harold and Maude in 2013. Watch this video to learn about the long process to make this amazing vehicle.

What Happened to Idiocracy?

Mike Judge found massive success with his “Beavis and Butt-Head” TV series, but the transition to live-action proved far more difficult. After the box office failure of OFFICE SPACE in 1999, Judge’s next effort IDIOCRACY fared even worse in 2006, with the studio practically burying his movie. But in the years since, both of these social satires have found cult followings and have become part of the pop culture landscape with its depiction of a moronic future.

Pic of the Day – 9/1/21

Bob Ross art by Tyler Lamph.

Hard to believe the former president once sat still for a real roast.

This is VERY dark, so if you cherish your memories of Calvin and Hobbes, you may want to skip this video.

Pirogi of Scammer Payback drinks the tears of scammers!


Cars Getting Towed

This highly satisfying footage was taken outside the parking lot of an all-night business. They have NO PARKING 24/7 signs posted on the wall in front of every spot, and they even tried using an intercom to warn people. Clearly there must be a bar around the corner. Certainly good business for the tow truck!

Mom Commercial

Starring and written by Cole Escola.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


From the hilarious David Cross TV series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, season 3, episode 6. When skinheads and Muslims meet unexpectedly, they are united by a common hatred. Definitely NOT politically correct, folks; you’ve been warned!


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