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The sunset from my house on 9/12/22.

A rainbow captured from our home in 2020.

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We had some amazing rains this winter, and now there are hordes of new Painted Lady (similar to Monarch) butterflies visibly flying down the hill after emerging from the ground. Sorry about the wind noise, but if you stick it out it calms down and you’ll hear some nice birdsong.

We got 4-6 inches of snow yesterday and last night!

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While making acorn meal this fall, I held three good-looking acorns back with the intention of sprouting them in the spring. I looked up the best way to do it: place them in the fridge over winter (to simulate winter conditions), and plant them in the spring. But just for the heck of it, I decided to plant one right away and see what happened. Kept it wet and placed it in a south-facing window.

Well, guess what? It sprouted! YAY! In a couple of years, when it’s established, we’ll make it a bonsai.



We woke up on Saturday morning to find three to five inches of snow on the ground. Cisco had a field day.

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Yesterday the fire departments conducted a controlled burn on nearby Middle Peak:

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Remember back in August, I saved a pair of fat green caterpillars to raise? Well, they happily crawled around and ate tomatoes and tomato leaves for around 3-4 weeks. Eventually they stopped eating, and their activity went to almost zero. Then they both buried themselves in the leaf litter. One was visible at the bottom of the jar; the other not visible at all.

Well, last night, I noticed the not-visible one had emerged and was hanging upside-down from the top of the jar!


Took it outside, and it immediately climbed out and hung itself on the side of the porch railing. It was sort of a mottled brown color. By morning, it was gone.


Tarantula hawks use live tarantulas to impregnate with their young. The tarantula is paralyzed from the hawk’s sting, while the hawk lays its eggs inside the tarantula’s body cavity. The young hatch and eat the poor tarantula from the inside out. There’s been a lot of them flying around lately. This one was trying to drag its host under the house.


Home-grown cherries from trees that grew back from the roots after the Cedar Fire. What should I make? Clafoutis?


Mini being a nutball. I missed the best parts, where he was up on the arm of the couch, but under the afghan. Getting all medieval on the poor thing. Lucky it’s a piece of crap. We were actually *this* close to buying a new one when we adopted Mini. We decided we’d better wait, at least until he’s out of the crazy kitten stage.

Crabcakes Benedict is so pretty to look at, they’re like little works of art. DELICIOUS works of art.

Garnished with home-grown lemon thyme. YUM.

Garnished with home-grown lemon thyme. YUM.

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