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Simon’s cat tries so hard to woo the pretty neighbor cat and she just ends up eating his gifts.



Dogs Meet Cat

YouTuber JennaMarbles really, really wants a cat, but already has a full quota of animals. So she did the next best thing: borrowing one! Keep your eyes peeled for the hilarious captions.


Pic of the Day – 2/11/18

Ladies and gentlemen, a hamster in a sweater. That is all.

Mini the Squirmy Worm

Mini is the chillest cat I’ve ever met. He is so comfortable showing us his belly for rubs.

Pic of the Day – 2/4/18

An adorable orange cat playing with butterflies, captured by photographer Natalia Moldovanova.

Being a cat owner naturally helps.

“Pug Life” – Simon’s Cat

Poor kitty, first he’s got to deal with the collar of shame, then a PUG!

“DIY” – Simon’s Cat

‘A curious cat helps his owner with home improvements.’

Okay, it’s a little late, sue me.

Saving A Turkey

Bird whisperer A Chick Called Albert takes home a Christmas turkey, to live.

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