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A raven with fall leaves.

Pic of the Day – 12/26/22

A crow painting by artist Mildred Anne Butler.

A raven calling amid fall leaves.

Pic of the Day – 11/29/22

A raven quilt.

Photographer Ken Wick says, “Probably the luckiest shot I’ve ever captured! A fearless blue jay attacking an eagle – David vs. Goliath! I call this one Eye to Eye. The look on the eagle’s face says it all.”

Six ravens by Shane Lamb Gallery.

This raven is ready for his closeup.

“Cold Call,” taken in 8-degree weather at Tower Junction, Yellowstone National Park, by photographer James Bokovoy.

A pair of ravens play-fighting.

“Marilyn MonCrow” by photographer Kristin Kendall.

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