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“Talking Raven” by photographer Deidre Lantz.

“You came to the wrong neighborhood, pal.”

Ravens are among the most intelligent of creatures on Earth. So it is not too surprising that a wounded raven would be intelligent and trusting enough to approach some people that he thought would be able to help him.
This was exactly the case when a young raven fledgling visited Gertie Cleary’s Nova Scotia home. The raven had just borne the brunt of a porcupine attack, and had been sitting on a fence yelling — clearly reaching out to Gertie for help in extracting the painful quills that were attached to its face.
Her daughter was there also at the time and caught the amazing incident on camera. According to the Clearys, the bird, which the family named Wilfred, stuck around for a day after the “operation” before flying away completely. Wilfred would not have survived without help. Gertie Cleary compared the experience to helping a child with a splinter. “When you pull a splinter out, they holler and screech and pull their hand away,” she said.

Ravens are very intelligent birds and are known for having a bit of a naughty streak. Watch this guy repeatedly untie a woman’s shoelaces and try to take off with her little pan.

Ravens are well-known for harassing raptors. Photoshopped? I want to say no; look at the raven’s shadow.

raven harassing raptor

I think I found this one on Flamingo Dancer’s blog. I wonder if the raven is alive or stuffed?

raven lighting cigarette

I like ravens. They are one of several reasons why I rooted for the Baltimore Ravens this year. As a result, I have several awesome raven pics.


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