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This is Alex; he’s a friend of mine who lives in Julian.

If you live in Mumbai, don’t feel like you need to pack a lunch.

Someone’s in the kitchen with Caitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician! (it’s death)

Do you know what the terrible Genghis Khan liked to eat most of all? You will definitely be able to impress guests and feed a whole crowd. Kind of mesmerizing to watch.

Ingredients: ⚫ Meat ⚫ Onion ⚫ Salt ⚫ Pepper

Air Fryin’ With Liza

YouTuber Liza Koshy says, “I cooked an entire holiday meal… WITH AIR. I don’t mean to be humble, but I’m a MASTER. I am Avatar, the Last Airfryer. Pardon me as I blow your minds… and my food. Healthy Holidays to you all!”

How to Make Pizza on a Submarine

Destin of SmarterEveryDay continues his series of videos from his visit aboard a US nuclear submarine.

Five Jewish moms battle it out for the Best Brisket title!

When YouTuber JennaMarbles recently turned 33, and all she wanted was some home-made, super-obscure, regional, seasonal thimbleberry (wild black raspberry) ice cream.

59 Ways to Cook an Egg

Bon Appétit took up the challenge to try literally every method they could think of, including in a campfire, on top of an engine, and using one of those disgusting pop-up cylinder contraptions.

A Virgo and an Aries Make Cannolis

YouTuber JennaMarbles and her boyfriend Julien attempt to make cannolis together, despite the fact that she’s a Virgo who likes calm and order, and Julien is an Aries who has more excess energy then a hummingbird. Hilarity ensues. Poor Jenna.


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