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The aftermath of an ice storm on Mt. Javornik in Slovenia by photographer Marko Korošec.

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The residents of Harbin, China brighten the long, frigid months by carving fantastical frozen sculptures for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival that takes place in January and February. Once a mostly regional affair, the festival has grown to be a major international event and competition. So bundle up and pull on your sturdy boots to explore.

Up to half of of people who freeze to death are found partially or completely naked. DNews looks into the phenomenon of paradoxical undressing. New Scientist writes that “Between 20 and 50 per cent of deaths from hypothermia involve paradoxical undressing of some kind. Mountain rescuers are trained to expect it.”

BBC Earth Unplugged uses a military spec Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera to vividly show how the human body loses heat when exposed to the blistering cold of the Scottish highlands.

Finally, we’re starting to get freezing temperatures at night. Had to leave a faucet dripping last night – good thing, too, everything was frozen this morning:

The car door was frozen shut!

The car door was frozen shut!

morning frost1

An epic sunset the other evening:

151213 sunset

Pic of the Day – 9/28/11

I used to sit next to a girl in my office, who was always cold. She’d have a space heater running under her desk, and I’d have the air-conditioner over my head running. One day I sent her an email:

This is YOU:

And this is ME:

Earbags — Bandless Ear Warmers

So, whenever I'm out in the cold or a strong wind, I have to be concerned about my ears.  They can get extremely painful when they get cold.  It's just one of those things.  I have an "ear band" that wraps around your head like a headband and covers your ears.  The problem is it doesn't cover my ears perfectly, causing me to constantly tug at it.  Also, it leaves a dork-mark across my forehead.  I have a couple pairs of hats with ear flaps, but a hat isn't always appropriate.

Rich has a student at his Kung Fu school who has the same problem.  He went on a bike ride to Ensenada one blustery morning, and knew it'd be painful, but decided to just man it out.  When he got to his destination, his ears were bleeding!  He found Polartec Earbags and highly recommended them.

I have since gotten a pair, and I cannot tell you all how happy I am with this product.  I can wear them with sunglasses or a hat without interference.  They "snap" open and closed.  You just snap one open, slip it on your ear, poke your lobe inside, and "snap" it shut against your head.


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