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Even within the field of corrosion engineering, coatings are a major discipline with a large body of knowledge and expertise spread across engineers, chemists, inspectors, and coatings contractors, all to extend the lifespan and safety of our infrastructure.

An overview of cathodic protection, including a rust prevention shootout in Practical Engineering‘s garage. Making a structure last as long as possible before it needs to be replaced isn’t just good stewardship of resources. It’s a way to keep the public safe and prevent environmental disasters too. Corrosion is one of the number one ways that infrastructure deteriorates over time, so cathodic protection systems are an essential tool for keeping the constructed environment safe and sound.

Who Invented WD-40?

We Spend More on Rust Than Gasoline

The colossal cost of a simple chemical reaction. Metals are so necessary and important to modern society that we’ll never escape the problem of corrosion, but the field of corrosion engineering continues to advance so that we can learn more about how to manage it and mitigate its incredible cost.

Gav and Dan have re-melted their gallium and stuck it in a blender. Will it result in cool psychedelic slow mo footage with infinite reflections, or will it fly out of the blender and melt everything in the room?

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys puts the Phantom in the hands (claw?) of an extremely fast robot to film some classic diet soda reactions from some slightly more advanced angles at 1,000 FPS.

NASA scientist Mark Rober tries to break the world record for the most “elephant toothpaste” made at once.

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