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Boost your cave cred (like street cred but for caves) by trying to squeeze through the alternate entrance to Deep Cave in Edwards County, Texas. Note that the main entrance to the cave is in a 3-meter sink just out of camera view, but you don’t get any cave cred for strolling through the big entrance.

The “light of heaven” illuminates the Jomblang Cave in Indonesia, photographed by Elena Bobrova.

Another shot of the ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia.

An ice cave inside Mutnovsky Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia, by photographer Sergey Krasnoshchokov.

The Hang Soon Doong Cave in Vietnam by photographer R. Deboodt.

The “Eyes of God” in the Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria.

A seasonal subterranean lake in the Titan Chamber, south Guizhou Province, China, by photographer Carsten Peter.

The Devil’s Den in Gainesville, Florida, photographed by Indie House Films.


Diving into a cenote, by photographer Oliver Gatt.


A cave in Yunnan, China, by photographer R. Deboodt.


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