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Volkswagen Super Bugger

A rare Volkswagen Beetle converted with a camper kit on the streets in Rimbey, Alberta.

Canadian Regional Stereotypes

Like America, Canada is a BIG country, and they have their regional stereotypes just like we do. These two Nissan ads poke some fun.

Cars Getting Towed

This highly satisfying footage was taken outside the parking lot of an all-night business. They have NO PARKING 24/7 signs posted on the wall in front of every spot, and they even tried using an intercom to warn people. Clearly there must be a bar around the corner. Certainly good business for the tow truck!

Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson gets into the physics behind auto racing.

Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys, use a huge crane to drop a car from 80 feet up in the air—and the results are absolutely smashing!

Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

Second time’s the charm for one of The Slow Mo Guys‘ most difficult and crushing experiments yet— a slow motion car crash. Everyone’s going to be rubbernecking this one.

Aboriginal Australian mechanics fix a wrecked Hyundai with some bush meat, axes, a doll’s head, and a baby stroller.

Jerry Seinfeld brings a SWEET ride to the White House for some coffee and man time with Obama before he left office.

CollegeHumor surmises that if guys with huge pickups or expensive sportscars must be overcompensating for, um, smallness in some other aspect of their lives, then by contrast, guys with seriously crappy cars must have something amazing going on to be THAT confident. Wait for the end.



See-Thru Engine in Slo-Mo

Destin of SmarterEveryDay found these garage wonks called 805 RoadKing who made a transparent engine in their amazing mechanic’s shop. You can visually see the four stages of a 4-cycle engine in slo-mo.

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