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Aboriginal Australian mechanics fix a wrecked Hyundai with some bush meat, axes, a doll’s head, and a baby stroller.


Jerry Seinfeld brings a SWEET ride to the White House for some coffee and man time with Obama before he left office.

CollegeHumor surmises that if guys with huge pickups or expensive sportscars must be overcompensating for, um, smallness in some other aspect of their lives, then by contrast, guys with seriously crappy cars must have something amazing going on to be THAT confident. Wait for the end.



See-Thru Engine in Slo-Mo

Destin of SmarterEveryDay found these garage wonks called 805 RoadKing who made a transparent engine in their amazing mechanic’s shop. You can visually see the four stages of a 4-cycle engine in slo-mo.

White Bear Mitsubishi Ad Outtakes

How many takes for a White Bear not to slip on the ice during a commercial shoot? Let us count the times! Enjoy the outtakes from White Bear Mitsubishi‘s  latest commercial shoot showing their venerable mascot doing his best to stay upright!

The Slow Mo Guys got a hold of a new toy – that comes with a warning that says “THIS IS NOT A TOY.”



In an episode of “Adam Ruins Everything,” we find out the real reason why jaywalking is a crime and how streets went from public shared spaces to the exclusive domain of automobiles.

Yes, you read that right.

Data storage company EMC joined forces with the Lotus F1 racing team, jumping a full-size semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car driven by stunt drivers Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov.

Black Plates and a Sleepy Pup

Last June, I heard that the DMV in California brought back their old iconic black license plates. An assemblyman was responsible; he had to get 7,500 people to order them first before the state could make them a permanent option. My old personalized plates were 27 years old and seriously faded, so I ordered replacements in black. It was supposed to have taken 8 – 12 weeks. It actually took 17 weeks – they were backlogged. After making six phone calls to Sacramento and AAA, I finally got the notice that they were ready for pickup. They look absolutely smashing.

Got a pair of narrow-style frames, too.

Got a pair of narrow-style frames, too.

Cisco had to supervise, natch.

Cisco had to supervise, natch.

And here’s Cisco all sleepy and tuckered out after a few hours outside with Rich.

sleepy cisco

sleep cisco1


“Before mutant vehicles can hit the open playa at Burning Man, they have to pass an inspection at the Department of Mutant Vehicles,” says Mark Day, who shot and shared this video. “Like any other DMV, that means waiting in line.”

What I want to know is, where do these people store these things the rest of the year?

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