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Pic of the Day – 1/16/21

79 years ago today, actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash. She was only 33 years old. Here are a few of my favorite images of her.

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Pittsburgh author Robert Matzen has gotten national attention for his book “Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3.” The Hollywood actress was married to the world’s most popular movie star, Clark Gable, when she was killed in a plane crash during a 1942 mission to sell war bonds for her country. Decades later, Matzen climbed the mountain near Las Vegas where the wreckage still lays scattered. Those tragic images, along with beautiful photos of Lombard, and Matzen’s fascinating story about her life with Gable will captivate viewers.

I’ve read it – it’s a very good book.

Today is the 75th anniversary of Carole Lombard‘s death. She was killed in a plane crash on her return from a wildly-successful war bond tour, making her the first American woman to die in service in WWII. Her husband Clark Gable turned down FDR’s offer of a military funeral with full honors, because she’d stipulated a quiet affair in her will. But the US Maritime Commission did name a Liberty ship after her. She was only 33 years old.

This is one of my favorite photos of Carole, by George Hurrell. She’s wearing¬†the gold locket given to her by Russ Columbo, and the star sapphire jewelry given to her by William Powell. Also visible is the cheek scar from a 1929 car accident that nearly ruined her career. Rest in peace, Carole. Your fans are still legion.


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Pic of the Day – 1/16/15

RIP Carole Lombard, whose plane crashed into a mountain west of Las Vegas on this day 74 years ago.

in beaded hat

SO funny those shows were. I once heard that Carol Burnett admired and emulated Carole Lombard…

One of the best-done ad-libs from the show, EVER.

Pics from Way-Back Land

A couple of my mom’s wedding portraits. She wanted me to wear the mantilla for my own wedding, and I did too, but it didn’t match my gown, and they’re not very practical, especially for a seaside wedding.

Some baby pics of me. Wasn’t I adorable? Now, to just get that skin back…

A studio still from “No Man of Her Own,” the only movie Clark Gable and Carole Lombard made together. This was years before they began dating. In fact, at this time, she thought he was a ham and a stuffed shirt, and he thought she was a prima donna. Seven years later, though, things had changed. She became the love of his life, until her tragic death on January 16, 1941.

As many of you know, Carole Lombard is an idol of mine. This served as my workplace desktop wallpaper for many years. She must have been manning the phones for, I would guess, the war bond effort, for which she ultimately gave her life.

Pic of the Day – 8/31/10

This is Carole Lombard, screwball comedienne from the 30's. She was the love of Clark Gable's life. She loved her many friends and pets and having fun. In the 20's, she was a passenger in a roadster with Rudolph Valentino, and they were involved in a wreck. Her face was severely cut. She refused to have stitches, and instead had her face wrapped, and kept her facial muscles perfectly still for a month. She still had scars, but had spent her time in bed teaching herself the finer points of makeup and clever use of angles and lighting. While her scars were still livid, she took a stint with Mack Sennett's bathing beauties, getting pies thrown in her face. She honed her comedic and timing skills then.

Carole loved her country, and didn't complain like everyone else that the government taxed such a large cut of her already large salary. When WWII started, she went on a cross-country bond tour, using her considerable celebrity to sell $1.2 million dollars' worth of defense bonds for the war effort. Her overloaded plane crashed into the mountains near Las Vegas on her last leg home, on January 16th, 1942. She and Clark had only been married for three years.

I've always adored Carole; I'm not really sure why. But when I changed my last name, I took my middle name for my last. Then I needed a new middle name. I chose Lombard.

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