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A forest style bonsai.

A flowering daisy bonsai.

A flowering bonsai mounted on rock.

A Flamingo Kurume Azalea (aka rhododendron obtusum) bonsai by artist Gustavo Celayes.

A famous maple bonsai on display at the Omiya Bonsai Museum, photographed by Bluex Man.

A snowy forest of abies lasiocarpa in a landscape bonsai.

A contorted Buttonwood beast by bonsai artist Ed Trout.

A citrus bonsai by artist Shinji Suzuki.

A Chojubai dwarf flowering quince bonsai named Old rascal, in an antique Chinese pot, by artist Michael Hagedorn.

A Chaneomeles ‘Chojubai’ bonsai with a bronze cormorant on a worn sloop, by artist Henk Fresen.


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