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A stunning sabina bonsai by artist Harry Harrington of Aylesbury, U.K.

A satsuki azalea bonsai.

A seaside bonsai display.

A diospyros montana (aka Bombay ebony) bonsai by artist Budi Sulistyo.


A snowy landscape bonsai by artist Jurg Staheli.


While making acorn meal this fall, I held three good-looking acorns back with the intention of sprouting them in the spring. I looked up the best way to do it: place them in the fridge over winter (to simulate winter conditions), and plant them in the spring. But just for the heck of it, I decided to plant one right away and see what happened. Kept it wet and placed it in a south-facing window.

Well, guess what? It sprouted! YAY! In a couple of years, when it’s established, we’ll make it a bonsai.



A cupressus bonsai collected from the wild by Francesco Santini.


A cuneata hawthorn bonsai by artist Mark R. Cooper.


Merry Christmas, everyone!


A Cuban laurel fig bonsai by artist Rob Kempinski.


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