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Azurite from the Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee AZ, by Mineral Masterpiece.

A monsoon storm near near Bisbee, AZ, on 7/28/21.

During Bisbee’s booming mining days, the stock exchange there was the only one east of the Mississippi. I have a baseball cap from there! And it’s currently for sale.

I came *this* close to moving there in 1999. Someday maybe I’ll go back.


Another visitor touring Bisbee, AZ, “The Vintage Art Town Trapped in Time”

Fun fact: I came *this* close to moving to Bisbee back in 1999.

YouTuber JustinScarred says, “Tombstone! Wyatt Earp! Val Kilmer! The gunfight at the OK Corral and souvenirs galore! Stopping in for another Randomland Adventure and we make our way down to Bisbee, Arizona, queen of the copper camps! Although neither is technically quite a ghost town, both of them have those old west characteristics, unique architecture, crazy art, and mine cart loads of history! Since it’s our first visit to Bisbee, we delve into the local museum which turns up a VERY surprising find! And then… we find the pit that even Leslie Knope could never hope to fill…. watch out Chris Pratt!”


Back in 1999, I came close to moving there.

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