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An American flamingo (phoenicopterus ruber) by photographer Paige Klee.

A white heron in Yokohama, Japan, by photographer Arthur Matsuo.

A white-cheeked turaco (tauraco leucotis) found in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan, by photographer Joseph T. Gioglio.

An African golden weaver in Rift Valley, Kenya, by photographer Ken Dyball.

A Yellow Warbler near Niagara, Canada.

A lilac-breasted roller photographed by Steve Wilson.

Destin of SmarterEveryDay caught a sparrow that had gotten in the house, but before he let it fly away, he managed to get the slo-mo camera going.

The Rarest Ducklings on Earth

Bird whisperer A Chick Called Albert has a wonderful story about three ducklings of a species that has almost gone extinct.

SQUEE ALERT! This itty bitty bird will steal your heart!

Bird whisperer A Chick Called Albert got a call about a fallen nest, and found two teeny eggs. One was alive, and damned if he didn’t figure out how to save it.

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