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Backwards Brain Bicycle Challenge

Destin of SmarterEveryDay challenged his friend Mike Boyd, who specializes in learning stuff really fast, to see how long it takes him to ride the Backwards Brain Bicycle for 50 meters.

Backwards Brain Bicycle

Destin of Smarter Every Day shows how impossibly hard it is to ride a bicycle with reverse-geared handlebars. The video demonstrates two things: how deeply ingrained body-memory is, and the neuroplasticity of the very young. But with persistence and lots and lots of practice, it is possible to re-train your brain.


Polish mountain bike free rider Szymon Godziek perfectly executed a stunning “tsunami flip” during the Red Bull District Ride 2014 competition in Nuremberg, Germany. The run is believe to be the first time the trick has been successfully landed during competition.

Bicycle Spoke Animation

To get your own laser cut Bicycle Animation design, go to www.etsy.com/shop/katybeveridge1. These are not visible with the naked eye, it must be filmed to animate.

Regarding my recent post about Critical Mass bicyclists:

My husband Rich is friends with the owner of a bike shop. He attended one of these gatherings, once – never again – and here's why:

  • They forced an anbulance with lights and sirens running to stop for them.
  • They went onto the freeway.
  • There was cocaine and methamphetemines being snorted during the ride.
  • Many were not wearing helmets (I know, but it's a cardinal sin among that crowd).

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One of the first things we all learn in drivers education class is that driving is not a right.  It is a privilege.  All drivers, with no exceptions, are required to follow traffic laws.  We also learn that bicyclists have the same access to the roads as cars.  Bicycles must be registered, and they must follow the same traffic laws as drivers.  No exceptions.  Shame on the San Diego Police Department for not only turning a blind eye to bicyclists who are vagrantly, arrogantly and aggressively “taking over” the roads, but actually escorting them!  SDPD claims that since there are so many of them, they don’t know what to make of it.  “There’s a thousand of them!  Is it civil disobedience?  How do we handle this?” 


My question to the SDPD is this: how many prostitutes or drug dealers would it take doing their thing on public streets before their activities are deemed merely “civil disobedience”?  A hundred?  A thousand?  Certainly twenty drunks getting rowdy on Mission Beach were given the full SWAT treatment; why are bicyclists treated with kid gloves?


With the price of gas being what it is, and with the threat of global warming looming over our heads, many more people are taking to their bikes these days.  Not a day goes by that I don’t see bicyclists flying through red lights and stop signs, riding in the wrong direction, riding on the sidewalk, weaving in and out of traffic, crossing intersections diagonally, and not using hand signals.  Never have I witnessed a bicyclist suffering the consequences from ignoring the law.  I’m amazed there aren’t horrific accidents every day, just like the bicyclist who was fatally hit by a car in midtown recently after running through a red light. 


The Critical Massers maintain that by running through red lights en mass, they have safety in numbers.  They then proceed to pound on cars that fail to yield to them, getting into shouting matches and fistfights.  Here’s an old adage for proponents of biker’s rights:  You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  This is not the way to convince people of your cause.


Every few years, SDPD launches a public awareness campaign warning people about jaywalking, usually after a spate of deaths.  Is this what it takes?  This policy not only endangers bicyclists, but also does a disservice to drivers.  If bicyclists don’t have to follow traffic laws, why should drivers bother?  Shame on the San Diego Police Department for being so shortsighted and empty-headed.

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