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SQUEE ALERT! Sound required.

You’d think that bats and birds fly in similar ways—in fact, many scientists used to consider bat flight a minor variation of bird flight. But, with the aid of high-speed video, researchers have discovered that bat flight is much more complex than initially thought.

A whole camp of fruit bats!

Another fruit bat.

I love the fruit bats.

Sunlight illuminating a fruit bat wing.

SQUEE ALERT! Six-week-old orphaned fruit bat Asha tastes fruit for the very first time – bites of juicy pear. She heartily approves.


SQUEE ALERT: Orphaned bats sucking on rubber nipples and cuddling.

orphaned bats sucking on nipples

“Pardon me, but might you have any Grey Poupon?”

grey poupon

This is the last of the fruit bat pics.

fruit bats

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