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Simone Biles Performing

Back in May. Simone Biles’ first competition in 587 days featured the debut of her Yurchenko double pike on vault and yet another all-around victory.

Gymnast Tries Pole Dancing

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson and his friend and fellow gymnast (and man who can master anything), Ash, try their skills at pole-dancing lessons.

And then nearly trips the leader. Hilarious finish to this 4x200m race in Utah with a dog jumping on the track, passing the leader and winning the race!

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson gamely takes on World’s Strongest Man Eddie “The Beast” Hall… so we don’t have to.

Trying Rhythmic Gymnastics

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson tries out some rhythmic gymnastics.

The man is surprisingly agile.

Nile: “All you have to do is hang from the bar.”

Emily: “You mean upside down, right? Right?!”

Nile: “What? No, that’s not – ”

Emily: “Upside down it is!”

It’s pretty bleak, folks.

British Olympic medalist Nile Wilson talks about his decision to leave competitive gymnastics.


Fun Fact: there’s a certain amount of farting that takes place during all these contortions.

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