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A starry night on Kubu Island, Botswana, by Ben McRae Photography.

Moon Rocks!

Destin of SmarterEveryDay visits the main facility at Johnson Space Center in Houston, where NASA keeps its moon rocks.

A stone church set against the Milky Way in New Zealand, by Matt Weller Photography.

A stone cottage in New Zealand by photographer AtomicZen.

Pic of the Day – 8/2/19

The storms at Saturn’s north pole, employing false color for additional clarity, with the “Rose of Saturn” at its center. Taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Pic of the Day – 7/26/19

This was the last image taken by Cassini before burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15, 2017.

Caribou racing beneath the aurora.

YouTuber Sam O’Nella Academy gives us a mere summary of the history of animals in space, not a comprehensive list:

A “supermoon” in conjunction with a radio telescope.

The Tatoosh Range in Washington, by Shain Blum Photography.

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