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Pic of the Day – 2/26/18

Novice monks visit a pagoda at Mandalay, Myanmar, by photographer Caruso Furyk.


Destin of SmarterEveryDay has a side interest: woodworking.

Pic of the Day – 2/12/18

A Valentine’s door in Paris, by AvnerOfer Photography.

A greenhouse in an abandoned castle in Belgium, by photographer Romain Veillon.

The residents of Harbin, China brighten the long, frigid months by carving fantastical frozen sculptures for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival that takes place in January and February. Once a mostly regional affair, the festival has grown to be a major international event and competition. So bundle up and pull on your sturdy boots to explore.

Another dream cabin.

Destin of Smarter Every Day has created a side channel called The Sound Traveler. Be sure to listen to this in stereo, even better with headphones.

I would totally stay in the mountain shack, but I’d want to be alone. (Also? That preview image has nothing to do with the video.)

Great Big Story traveled to San Jose, California to take a tour through the very spooky Winchester Mystery House. The house is an odd legacy of troubled rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, who sought to assuage the ghosts that haunted her by constantly building eccentric additions onto her enormous Queen Anne Style Victorian over the course of 38 years. The construction continued up until her death in 1922.

A forest bridge.

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