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Churches Made of Human Skulls

Would you want your skeleton to be used as decoration and repentance-inspo? What if you were a 17th century Portuguese Catholic?

The medieval Fairy Bridge af Fas No Cloiche in Glen Creran, Scotland.

Remains of an old castle in New Hampshire, US.

A gargoyle with a grass wig.

Pic of the Day – 6/26/22

Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy.

A forest cabin near Seattle, Washington, by photographer James Lloyd Cole.

An abandoned castle in France, by photographer IG@aurelienvillette.

Obviously, this was before the big fire. Best with headphones!

The Millennium Tower at 301 Mission Street in San Francisco is famously tilting and sinking into the ground. How does geology affect the design of skyscraper foundations, and what is being done to fix this structure?

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