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A horse stands guard over church ruins on the Aran Islands, Ireland, by photographer Danielle Lussier.

Another visitor touring Bisbee, AZ, “The Vintage Art Town Trapped in Time”

Someone built a hobbit treehouse!

Fun fact: I came *this* close to moving to Bisbee back in 1999.

A hidden castle near Sintra, Portugal, by photographer Valter Raposo.

Gorgo del Drago (aka dragon whirl) in Godrano, Sicily, by photographer Umberto Pusateri.

Another view of Rakotzbrücke in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park, Kromlau, Sachsen, Germany, by photographer Gioti.

Rakotzbrücke at night, by photographer C. Moon View.

Ringing the temple bell.

An ancient rock wall.

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