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Ask A Mortician does the research and finds out.

Cielos Manchegos, Spain, by photographer Cesar Vega.

Pic of the Day – 9/4/19

Standing stones, unknown location.

Star trails circle the ruins of the 14th-16th century Hindu city Vijayanagar at Hampi (a UNESCO World Heritage site), near Karnataka, India, by photographer Alexander Grabchilev.

Pic of the Day – 5/23/19

The Temple of Hercules at the Amman Citadel, Jordan, by photographer Zaid Abutaha.

The temple of Poseidon (god of the sea) at Cape Sounion, Greece, by photographer Vincent J. Musi.

Ballybunion Castle, Ireland.

Twilight at the Tholos Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia near Delphi, Greece, by photographer Vincent J. Musi.

All over the world, there are creepy doors that have been sealed shut for countless decades and for many different reasons. Some of these we know from history what they’re protecting and why but the others we don’t have a clue, we can only guess and they’re shrouded in mystery and conspiracy. These range from a gate that requires a sacred chant to open to another that’s hiding a haunted room in order to protect the guests at a hotel.

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