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A snorkeler enjoys Jellyfish Lake, on the island of Eil Malk, one of the Rock Islands in Palau, Oceania, by photographer Ciemon Frank Caballes. I wrote about this lake in my second book, Waking I Dream!


Let America Be America Again

“Let America Be America Again” is a poem written in 1935 by American poet Langston Hughes.

I’m excited to announce that my second novel, Waking I Dream, is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Waking I Dream is the sequel to Dreaming I Wake, and the second book in the Dreaming Trilogy. In it, we find that Jim McQueen’s disabled sister, Joan, does indeed lead a rich inner life. In her potent dreams of another life, in another time, Joan is a math shark with a photographic memory, a WWII-era OSS undercover agent and cryptologist, and a globe-trotting Nazi hunter. This is the world that is most authentic and tangible to Joan.
Check them both out (if you haven’t seen the first one yet):
Thanks so much for your interest!

The Hero’s Journey

Every good story follows the concept of The Hero’s Journey, first described by Joseph Campbell. This supercut shows scenes from some of the best.

A term paper assignment launches an existential crisis in the mind of Exurb1a as the deadline approaches. As time runs out he must fight distraction and question the very meaning of life itself, or maybe just end it all.

This is a touching article written by one of my best friends in high school. Please feel free to share it.

“At the beginning of his run for President, Donald Trump spoke at a rally in South Carolina. On November 24, 2015 in front of approximately 10,000 people and on camera, he physically mocked Serge Kovaleski, a disabled Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter. (ABC News Youtube link). In doing so, he told his listeners that a physical handicap makes you different than, and less than, someone else. He told America that a deformity means you deserve less respect, less humanity than someone who’s ‘normal’. He told you it’s ok to mock me.”

To read the rest of this eloquently-written article, click here.

Writer’s Block

A supercut of 53 films by Ben Watts captures the agony and ecstasy of writing.

<p><a href=”″>Writer's Block – A Supercut</a> from <a href=””>Ben Watts</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

My Novel is Available on Amazon!

Check out my novel, Dreaming I Wake, now available in paperback or on Kindle:


That’s right, this blog has been continuously running for ten years today.


We started out as a beta tester on Vox, from an invite from my wonderful friend Tim. When Vox died, many of us migrated over to WordPress.

10 lit birthday candles in bright colors with green background

I thank you all for checking in and commenting over the years. We’ve made some wonderful friends through this forum.

10 years

Here’s to another ten!


I’d like to challenge everyone to respond with their own story, and/or post their own challenge. I’ll start:

I was around 8 years old and spending the day alone at the ice rink. It was crowded on the ice, and there were puddles of water in low-lying spots. I tripped and fell in one of those puddles, landing hard on my knee. Skaters streamed past me, I was soaked in freezing water, I couldn’t get up, and no one was stopping.

Finally, a matronly Mexican lady stopped and helped me get up and off the ice. I was crying, my knee hurt so badly. She didn’t speak a word of English and I didn’t speak a word of Spanish, but somehow she got my phone number out of me, and she got someone to call my mom and tell her to come get me. Then she sat with me for 45 minutes while I waited for mom to arrive. I’ll never forget that.

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