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In this episode of CollegeHumor‘s “Adam Ruins Everything,” Adam breaks down the true reasons for weed being illegal.

Let’s get ready to fight the good fight! OOH RAH!


Post Apocalypse

Bora Barroso created a compilation of imagery from post-apocalyptic cinema, creating the ultimate depressing-yet-curiously-liberating vision of human doom.

Films Used:
– Mad Max Fury Road
– I Am Legend
– The Book of Eli
– The Road
– Oblivion
– Priest
– Los últimos días
– Carriers
– 28 Days Later
– Children of Men
– 12 Monkeys
– The Day After Tomorrow
– Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
– Terminator Salvation

<p><a href=”″>THE WORLD OF TOMORROW (A Tribute)</a> from <a href=””>Bora Barroso</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Apropos for today: “Depression” eye makeup art by Tal Peleg.


If only we could VOTE out annoying co-workers!

Titanic Sinks in Real Time

This re-enactment is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. Includes captions detailing various happenings as they occur, and sounds from the ship, but no people. No screams until the very end, which makes it so spooky and otherworldly. I’ve heard this is great to play in the background during a party – when the ship finally sinks, it’s time for everyone to go home.

From the hilarious David Cross TV series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, season 3, episode 6. When skinheads and Muslims meet unexpectedly, they are united by a common hatred. Definitely NOT politically correct, folks; you’ve been warned!


Dégagé Ministries serves 400-500 individuals daily, offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals around Grand Rapids, Michigan. Responsive programming is designed to address immediate and long-term needs such as overnight respite for women in crisis, food, referral services, and hygiene facilities. “While many of our services may seem ‘simple,’ those who receive our services take nothing for granted. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that brings the most powerful results.”

Donate to Dégagé Ministries to help other homeless veterans.

May 24th, 2014 update on Jim Wolf: Over 210 days sober, dental care completely revamped, living on his own, paying his own bills. Here’s a recent photo of him from his rehab clinic graduation:

A classic clip from the Roseanne show. Roseanne has an enlightening conversation with her local state representative, who immediately regrets his decision to knock on their door.

For all the tired parents out there.

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