Category: Nature/Scenery/Wilderness

“The Great Manor” by photographer Massimo Tomi.

Bengal tigers cavorting in Rajasthan, India, by photographer Souvik Kundu.

The Red Barrier, part of the Dolomites of Italy’s Alps, by Max Rive Photography.

“Gah! Fuckin’ kangaroos.”

A group of bee-eaters (aka Merops pusillus) in South Africa by photographer Dustin van Helsdingen.

This is Thor’s Well (aka the Spouting Horn) off Cape Perpetua, Oregon, by photographer Gary Fua.

A grizzly bear fishes for salmon in Alaska. Photo by Nick Dale.

A thunderstorm looms over Vergi Port, Estonia. Photo by Kristjan Madalvee.

From the Bath Road Heronry, by photographer Rob Blair.

Tilas Stoll is an old mine in Persberg, Värmland, Sweden. Photo by jabe147.

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