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Piano-Playing, Singing Beagle

Buddy the rescue dog LOVES to play piano and sing along!

A wild monkey swam over to a boat to steal vodka and coconuts, then swam back to shore.

Eating With Your Rich Friends

CollegeHumor maintains that wealth is not having to think twice about adding guacamole to anything.

I’m Still Here

Shirley MacLaine giving a hell of a performance in Postcards Form The Edge.

This post show how you can make a serviceable set of bagpipes out of a plastic bag and some cheap recorders.

An adorable three-year-old girl explains the original Star Wars movie.

Basketball Scene

Saturday Night Live has some trouble with the background extras while filming a basketball court scene.

Air Pistol vs Gel Deodorants

Okay, we know who wins. The Slow Mo Guys filmed it all in slo-mo, natch.

A series of dog portraits by photographer Elke Vogelsang.

Music Festival Boot Camp

CollegeHumor has just the drill sergeant to get you prepped for that big music festival.

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