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Tina Fey displays her sophisticated, smart humor in her acceptance speech for the 2012 Mark Twain Prize.

Following Jerry Seinfeld’s introduction, JLD gives her acceptance speech for the 2018 Mark Twain Prize.

Jerry Seinfeld honors Julia Louis-Dreyfus during the 21st Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at The Kennedy Center. An outstanding lineup of entertainers gathered in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall to salute Julia Louis-Dreyfus, recipient of the 21st annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on October 21, 2018. The Prize, which is named to honor one of the world’s greatest humorists, was presented at a gala performance featuring some of the biggest names in comedy.

24 Hours of Dog Whining

I know, right? Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Luckily, YouTuber JennaMarbles heavily edited the day.


Meanest Bobcat Kitten in the World

This little ball o’ spit and vinegar, so mean his rehab caretakers dubbed him “Mr. Murderbritches,” is being released back into the wild. ~whew~

Love me, love Simon’s Cat? – “Will Simon be Fur-ever alone?”

Major vs. Minor Key

Comedian / musician Bill Bailey performing at the Prince’s Trust Gala “We Are Most Amused and Amazed” at the London Palladium.

Planet Slow Mo – Official Trailer

Follow The Slow Mo Guys Gav and Dan in this new YouTube Originals Series as they travel the globe in search of the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, time-stopping slow motion moments of wonder. From lightning strikes to the speed of light, awesome flying martial artists to gravity-defying flying fish, this is the ordinary made extraordinary like you’ve never seen it before, all shot in super slow mo.

YouTuber JennaMarbles tried a Bob Ross tutorial, then acrylic pours, and now this abstract technique using palette knives!

Pic of the Day – 2/2/19

This wavy bookstore flooring is brilliant way to keep kids from running in the store!

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