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Creative Weapons of the Medieval Era

Sam O’Nella Academy talks about trebuchets, Greek fire, and more.

Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

YouTuber JennaMarbles loves Bob Ross and gamely tried to do one of his tutorials, in real time along with him. (I would’ve paused it a few times, but that’s just me.)


Why it Sucked to be a Pirate

Sam O’Nella Academy explains why Jack Sparrow would have been eaten for breakfast by real pirates.

Disappearing into a Green Screen

YouTuber JennaMarbles plays around with their green screen.

History’s Worst Non-Water Floods

Sam O’Nella Academy tells of a few epic floods of stuff other than plain water.

I grew up watching this show!

Electric Face Puncher in Slow Motion

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, got hold of a personal percussive massager. The instructions said “do not use on face”… so of course they used it on each other’s faces.

A Virgo and an Aries Make Cannolis

YouTuber JennaMarbles and her boyfriend Julien attempt to make cannolis together, despite the fact that she’s a Virgo who likes calm and order, and Julien is an Aries who has more excess energy then a hummingbird. Hilarity ensues. Poor Jenna.


On this 2001 episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, they school their host on various methods of sleight of hand, with full demonstration using razor blades, of course. He’s lucky they let him keep his watch.

Teaching Dogs How To Swim

YouTuber JennaMarbles has a new house with a pool, and of course, her semi-retarded dog Kermit fell in. All was fine, he was fished out, but the incident prompted Jenna and Julien to teach all three of their dogs how to swim, just in case.

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