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Someone’s in the kitchen with Caitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician! (it’s death)

Do you know what the terrible Genghis Khan liked to eat most of all? You will definitely be able to impress guests and feed a whole crowd. Kind of mesmerizing to watch.

Ingredients: ⚫ Meat ⚫ Onion ⚫ Salt ⚫ Pepper

It’s pretty bleak, folks.

Lost in the Pond has talked about the different foods between Britain and America, not to mention the words we use to describe them. But what about the etiquette both countries employ at the dinner table?

Xiaomanyc lived in Beijing for a year and has excellent Mandarin and Cantonese and is also beginning to learn Fuzhounese, a very difficult language to master.

Air Fryin’ With Liza

YouTuber Liza Koshy says, “I cooked an entire holiday meal… WITH AIR. I don’t mean to be humble, but I’m a MASTER. I am Avatar, the Last Airfryer. Pardon me as I blow your minds… and my food. Healthy Holidays to you all!”

Unbreakable Ice Cream Safe

NASA scientist Mark Rober invented an ice-cream safe that requires you to work and wait to open it, giving you time to re-consider your choice.

There are some foods that are so popular that they are at risk of going extinct. What are they and why is it so difficult to harvest them?

With the help of viewers at home, John tries to get to the bottom of an important mystery.

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