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Making a Dog Birthday Cake

YouTuber JennaMarbles makes a doggy cake for their birthdays!

This video of JunsKitchen making a from-scratch meal for a pair of very patient cats is unexpectedly satisfying to watch. They get to enjoy miso soup, rice with furikake, and fish, all made from cat-safe ingredients.

Taste the rainbow, part 2!

Without breaking it, natch. The boys at How Ridiculous aim to find out, and messily.

And also on Taco Tuesday!

Falling in Love (with Italy)

YouTuber and Force of Nature Liza Koshy went to Italy 6 months ago with her family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.

YouTuber and NASA scientist Mark Rober applies the scientific method to these new “impossible” burgers.

Five Jewish moms battle it out for the Best Brisket title!

When YouTuber JennaMarbles recently turned 33, and all she wanted was some home-made, super-obscure, regional, seasonal thimbleberry (wild black raspberry) ice cream.

Dogs Eating Pupsicles

YouTuber JennaMarbles gives her pups (including a guest pup) frozen treats!

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