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Dogs Meet Cat

YouTuber JennaMarbles really, really wants a cat, but already has a full quota of animals. So she did the next best thing: borrowing one! Keep your eyes peeled for the hilarious captions.



Pic of the Day – 1/4/18

A golden with a butterfly friend by photographer Champ & Candice.

Taking a Dog to Meet Santa

YouTuber JennaMarbles takes her most mellow dog to meet Santa, and spend LOTS of $$$ on the resulting pics:

Siberian Husky Puppy vs Waterpark

Guess who wins?

Excited Pointers Singing

YouTuber T3‘s four pointers get this excited every time they go for their favorite walk.

My Dog Reviews Soap

YouTuber JennaMarbles has a dog who is obsessed with soap, so she did the obvious thing and brought home lots of different kinds of soap to see which one he wants to rub on the hardest. NATCH.


Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Destin of SmarterEveryDay helped his kids retrieve a lost drone, which led to an experiment in echolocation, and an explanation for why dogs tilt their heads at you when they’re confused.

Dogs Eating Peanut Butter

YouTuber Jenna Marbles wasn’t feeling well, so she just did a video of her dogs eating peanut butter.

Pic of the Day – 9/11/17

This puppy is really into that chick.

These have got to be THE happiest dogs on the face of the earth. If you feel bad for the hundreds of rats that got killed, it’s sure better than poisoning the entire property.

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