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Dogs Eating Popcorn

YouTuber JennaMarbles feeds her dogs popcorn. It’s kinda therapeutically mesmerizing.


Day 6: Monday, April 30, 2018 – Last Day

Woke up early with the plan to leave by 8:00 am. Around 7:15 Rich called me – my flight had been cancelled. I got on the phone with Southwest and got on a direct flight leaving a couple of hours later. Whew! If I’d just gone straight to the airport as planned, I’m sure all available SFO-SAN alternates would have already been filled up. Ended up leaving at 9:30 instead.

Goodbyes and hugs with Tim & Alex, then took a Lyft to the downtown Civic Center BART station (my first time using the app – it worked great). Got checked in no problem. SFO’s Terminal 1 is by far better than San Diego’s. I settled in at a Chinese place with a good people-watching vantage. Ordered mimosas and a side of fried rice, which turned out to be a LOT of food.

Red Rubber Rex approves!

Flight home was packed to the gills again. We left 20 minutes late, but drinks were NOT free this time! Oh well, it got me back in one piece, and I didn’t have to get diverted to LAX or Las Vegas, thank god.

Rich picked me up and we booked it home – just missing the start of rush-hour traffic. Arrived home to find a big Styrofoam box on the porch filled with Omaha Steaks on dry ice – Rich’s & my birthday gift from my mom. Of course, it had to sit and wait while poor Cisco lost his sweet little mind greeting me:

“Ooh, and you brought lots of smells!” He was happy and I was tired.

Not much of a souvenir haul this trip. I got a t-shirt from MOMA:

I love all the detail, all the recognizable SF landmarks.

There’s my fortune and the Laughing Sal penny from Musee Mecanique:

I got a couple of lottery tickets at Tim’s recommendation – “It’s good luck to play the lottery while on vacation!”

I still haven’t checked to see if they’re winners.

The pamphlet from Emperor Norton:

And these three darling pop-up greeting cards. One each went to Tim & Alex and Jonetta & Bill, and the dog one I’m saving for later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge was on the plan, but just didn’t happen. It’s funny, this was the one thing my mom was most worried about, that I’d get mugged or hit by a car or blown off the side or something. Not standing on dimly-lit subway platforms, not my plane going down, but the bridge, LOL. She was relieved to hear that we didn’t find time for it.

Thanks for everything, Tim & Alex! I had an amazing time. Love you!

Check out the first two San Francisco Travelogues: 2015 and 2016

It’d been two years since my last vacation in San Francisco. Once again, my excellent friend Tim and his husband Alex were kind enough to put me up for five nights. You guys are the best! Thank you so much.

Travel photos are more fun with dinosaurs!

Day 1 – Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I flew on Southwest this time. The “exploding engine/woman getting sucked out the window” incident had just happened a couple of days before. As a result, my flight was packed with people whose flights to Oakland had been cancelled for inspections. The Southwest people were great at getting folks to their destinations, or at least close to them. Because the flight was delayed by 10 minutes, drinks were free. Woop!

Terminal 1 at the San Diego International Airport SUCKS compared to Terminal 2, by the way. In Terminal 2, there’s a gorgeous fountain and sculpture, a fun moving LED light display, and multiple choices for food and drink. In Terminal 1, there’s literally one restaurant / bar. No art, nothing interesting at all. Red Rubber Rex and I got a Bloody Mary and a fruit/yogurt/granola plate to wash down the Dramamine while we waited for our plane.

We arrived in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood without incident, and I chilled for a bit before Tim & I were due at the neighborhood dog park for Wednesday Night Wine Night.

OMG the big pine tree’s gone!

A huge pine tree in the backyard next door has been cut down. The city ordered it – I guess it was dying. It changes the whole character of the gardens back there.

This was before:

And this is after:

Tim and Alex have a second rescue dog now in addition to Moby, a female named Xena, Warrior Princess:

She has the prettiest nose.

Around dusk we went to the dog park.

Xena has a habit of humping anything that moves.

Went home and I met their roommate, Danny, who’s a rabid John Stamos fan and a well-traveled whiskey connoisseur. He was nice enough to share some of his good stuff with us – a Japanese whiskey. I skipped dinner, knowing that the Dramamine does weird things to my appetite: I feel fine, I feel hungry, but when presented with the actual sight and smell of food, I feel a bit green.

Alex works for a meal-kit delivery service called Munchery and comes home most nights with loads of leftover food that would otherwise get tossed. Here are the dogs getting fed raw fish. Xena, being a delicate lady, eats daintily, while Moby practically chomps the chopsticks off:

In the evening we watched the first episode of American Gods on their giant projection screen. I think I have a wee bit of a crush on Ian McShane:

Both dogs were seriously pooped. Me too.

**Next Post: Day 2 – Dog Food Making, Ocean Beach, Ice Cream Bar, San Tung

Dogs Meet a Capybara

JoeJoe The Capybara snorgles with a pair of very chill house dogs.

Dogs Meet Cat

YouTuber JennaMarbles really, really wants a cat, but already has a full quota of animals. So she did the next best thing: borrowing one! Keep your eyes peeled for the hilarious captions.


Pic of the Day – 1/4/18

A golden with a butterfly friend by photographer Champ & Candice.

Taking a Dog to Meet Santa

YouTuber JennaMarbles takes her most mellow dog to meet Santa, and spend LOTS of $$$ on the resulting pics:

Siberian Husky Puppy vs Waterpark

Guess who wins?

Excited Pointers Singing

YouTuber T3‘s four pointers get this excited every time they go for their favorite walk.

My Dog Reviews Soap

YouTuber JennaMarbles has a dog who is obsessed with soap, so she did the obvious thing and brought home lots of different kinds of soap to see which one he wants to rub on the hardest. NATCH.


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