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YouTuber JennaMarbles has a new rescue greyhound in the house, so of course, she needs to know which people foods she does or does not like!

Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs

Apparently, this is a Thing, so of course, JennaMarbles HAD to try it with hers!

YouTuber JennaMarbles has a chi named Mr. Marbles who will obediently sit for her on command all day long, but only as long as he’s on carpet. She wanted to find out if she had the patience and fortitude to persuade him to do it on hard floor.


“El Espiritu Animal de Frida,” displayed at The World of Frida show, featured the ancient Mexican dog known as Xoloitzcuintli. Photo by Kaethe Bealer.

I could literally watch this all day.

YouTuber JennaMarbles takes on another silly (and expensive) internet challenge.

Gabby’s task was to complete the 8” division course in under 43.2 seconds. She CRUSHES it. She jumps over tiny poles, some of them twice. She whizzes through a tunnel. She zig-zags in between poles at frightening speeds with frenetic energy. Watch as she clocks in a time of 39.31, winning in her division, and she knows she’s a champion.

Not Everything Makes the Cut

This Amazon commercial for Alexa ran during the recent Super Bowl LIII.

24 Hours of Dog Whining

I know, right? Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Luckily, YouTuber JennaMarbles heavily edited the day.


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