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Siamese Cat and Tiny Owl Are BFFs

A beautiful Siamese cat named Cleo and an elegant little owl named Forbi play together like they’ve done since Forbi was a fluffy baby. The two live together in a wonderful home that was created by André Costa, an animal biologist for Buriki Environmental Activities in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, which allowed these natural predatory enemies to become the very best of friends.

An adorable little black bear wandered into the backyard of a home in Anchorage, Alaska and began playing with a deflated toy…

before moving on to the swing set:

Pic of the Day – 10/20/15

Yarnbombing nearby San Francisco’s Ferry Building by Jill and Lorna Watt.

yarnbombing-ferry bldg-san francisco_Jill and Lorna Watt

Dancing Traffic Light

The Dancing Traffic Light is a concept by the car company Smart that translates human dancing into real-time movements on an unconventional “Don’t Walk” light. The project is intended to make waiting at a stop light more entertaining to help dissuade people from crossing against traffic.

Pic of the Day – 10/18/15

Yin-yang cat’s eye art by makeup artist Tal Peleg.

yin yang cats eye art_Tal Peleg

Cat Squeaks When Owner Coughs


Cat Curling

Let’s campaign for a new Olympic event!

“Butter Fingers”

“Butter Fingers” is an animated short by Los Angeles-based artist Jordan Scott that takes a look at what happens we we drop various objects, from toothbrushes and donuts to microphones and hand grenades.

<p><a href=”″>Butter Fingers</a> from <a href=””>J-Scott</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

EPIC Nerf Gun Battle

Adelaide, Australia-based filmmaker Danny Philippou (a.k.a. “Racka Racka“) has created a special effects-filled video that shows Danny and his friends engaging in an epic Nerf gun battle. It all starts with the guys goofing around and taking harmless shots at each other, but soon the shenanigans become serious and deadly. And hilarious.

Chillest Dog Bath EVER

This super-chill golden shows his buddy how to relax and thoroughly enjoy a spa day.

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