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I know, I’m going straight to hell for laughing at this.

easter-easter bunny terrifies kid



easter-usual suspect chicks

Bagged Cat

Short and sweet.

“Hand over the Guinness and nobody gets cut.”

cat holding knife on dog

Bears swimming in Kurile lake in Kamchatka, Russia, by photographer Marco Mattiussi.

bears swimming-kurile lake-kamchatka-russia_marco mattiussi

Dancing Paper Cranes

Dancing paper origami cranes, because that weird part of YouTube.

Bats hanging out under leafy foliage.

bats under foliage

Nothing to see here, just a bat with his own milkshake.

bat w-milkshake

Itty bitty bat clinging to a leaf.

bat on leaf

The nectarine tree is in bloom again. I love this time of year:

nectarine blossoms

A neighbor set up a black Buddha near the side of the road on his property:


Toilet paper rolls (and paper towel rolls cut into thirds) make excellent cat toys. I set a bunch up in the hallway like bowling pins and filmed the results:

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