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Tutorial: How to Flatten a Hamster

Safely, people… safely. Don’t panic.


Underwater Dogs

Friendly harbor seals swimming around near the Farne Islands, UK, love getting head and belly rubs from SCUBA diving photographer Jason Neilus:

Mmmm… moar watermelon… NOMNOMNOMNOM

fruit bat w-watermelon

Oh yeah, and he’s wearing Burberry. That doggy coat probably cost more than your first car.

Mein! Meine frucht!

fruit bat w-butterfly

Dog Didn’t Choose the Thug Life…

The thug life chose dog.


fruit bat watermelon

Another fruit bat, against a red background.

fruit bat red background

This fruit bat is pulling his best Dr. Evil impression.

fruit bat dr evil

Free Hugs!

Franzie the very affectionate tuxedo cat reaches up for a great big hug from his human in this video posted by Tricia Carr.


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