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A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

“A Tale of Momentum & Inertia” is a computer animated short by Portland, Oregon animation studio HouseSpecial that features a giant rock creature that accidentally lets a boulder get away from him.

<p><a href=”″>A Tale of Momentum &amp; Inertia</a> from <a href=””>HouseSpecial</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Black Plates and a Sleepy Pup

Last June, I heard that the DMV in California brought back their old iconic black license plates. An assemblyman was responsible; he had to get 7,500 people to order them first before the state could make them a permanent option. My old personalized plates were 27 years old and seriously faded, so I ordered replacements in black. It was supposed to have taken 8 – 12 weeks. It actually took 17 weeks – they were backlogged. After making six phone calls to Sacramento and AAA, I finally got the notice that they were ready for pickup. They look absolutely smashing.

Got a pair of narrow-style frames, too.

Got a pair of narrow-style frames, too.

Cisco had to supervise, natch.

Cisco had to supervise, natch.

And here’s Cisco all sleepy and tuckered out after a few hours outside with Rich.

sleepy cisco

sleep cisco1


Arctic Fox Attack!

YouTuber SDH500AB says, “This little guy found us in Heydalur, Westfjords, Iceland. It was an Arctic Fox that decided to be incredibly adorable while trying to eat my foot.”

WGN-TV news anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange recently demonstrated an elaborate handshake during the commercial breaks of a news broadcast. Jordan and Bange have evidently been perfecting this handshake for quite some time.

Cole & Marmalade, the adorable feline duo that has provided us with such helpful advice as “A Cat’s Guide to Loving Your Human” and “A Cat’s Guide to Christmas” are back, this time with “Cat Logic“, an amusing explanation of the very fickle minds of felines.

An albino squirrel eating berries.

albino sqirrel eating berries

Only in Russia. Dude even held out for a high-five and a handshake!

An ice-frosted Alaskan wood frog.

Alaskan Wood Frog

Kitten and Donkey Are BFFs

A tiny orange kitten and a little brown donkey in Lamu, Kenya appear to be incredibly happy to see each other as they lovingly nuzzle one another for several minutes. Peter Janz, the person who posted the footage, said that he just encountered the two friends accidentally: “Two friends I met while walking in Lamu, I guess kittens and donkeys are friends after all!…I don’t know much more about the donkey and kitten actually. I was walking when I saw them playing so I just stayed and watched for a bit. They were just hanging out in the shade! The cat probably does not have an owner since most cats are strays around the island.”

No I Am Not Looking At You

What makes you say that?

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