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On hot summer days at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, a resident lion named Joseph is given vanilla ice cream as a special enrichment treat. The Rescue’s caretakers also make frozen treats for the other big cats like “Bloodcicles” and “Sardini Martinis.”


An amorous elk at Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec.

amorous elk-parc omega-montebello-quebec

Ghost squirrel is now eating your peanut.

white squirrel

A one-week-old foal sleeps soundly in the lap of its new surrogate mum – a jumbo TEDDY BEAR. Breeze the bay pony was found abandoned on Dartmoor National Park just a few hours after his birth. Unable to find his mother, the tiny foundling was stumbling hopelessly around the hillside trying to suckle mares. By the time rescuers from a local equine sanctuary had arrived to help, Breeze had collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration. See more about how well Breeze is recovering here.

Ghost squirrel gots your peanut!

white sqwerl

Play time for kit!

white tiger cub

The spirit of Gregory Hines inhabits a seagull.

Pic of the Day – 3/8/14

Whooo’s out of place here?

whoo's out of place

Rocky, an orphaned squirrel, adopted by a mother cat, has learned to purr like its step-littermates. Listen closely at 1:36.

Terrifying Banana Peel

OMG, cats are SO weird.


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