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Pic of the Day – 7/8/12

I love street art like this.

We all get them…

Pic of the Day – 7/3/12

You will bring me treats…. you will bring me treats…. you will bring me treats….

Pic of the Day – 7/1/12

Take two. Why resist?

An Australian blue heeler warily watches horse and rider pass in Spain.

Lovebirds sharing a tweet.

Hope he doesn’t squeeze that tire too hard!

Pic of the Day – 6/26/12

ALL things are cute when they’re babies. Even platypuses.

In March 2012, this farm in the UK released their dairy cows from their indoor winter housing to the fresh pasture for spring and summer grazing.
As you will see, they could not have been happier.

Pic of the Day – 6/24/12

Such a darling little koala joey. I wants one!


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