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A blue-eyed white tiger cub.

blue eyed white tiger cub

We had a couple of days of August-like heat a few days ago. The afternoon is the worst. We had the fans going full blast, and I helped Cisco cool down by draping a damp dish towel over him. He seemed to appreciate it: ???????????????????????????????

But it did make him look like the doggy version of Yasser Arafat:

Totally looks like...

Totally looks like…

EVERY day should be “Bring Your Dog To Work Day.” ???????????????????????????????

Finally, made our last foray to Tecate until summer’s over. Spotted this mariscos shop with some unusual signage painted on the window.

Oh no! Poor Shamu!

Oh noes! Poor Shamu!

I’m going to go ahead and assume they don’t really have orca on the menu.

Gotta love the interspecies mothering.

A herd of deer peacefully enjoys the early evening’s cool temperatures on a road at Nara Park in Japan.

A black swan ferries her chicks.

black swan w-chicks

Caught Red-Handed

Or red-pawed, in this case.

Flavio, the world’s oldest tiger, acts like a kitten as he tries to tame the water dragon in his new enclosure at Big Cat Rescue.

Baby Goat Butts Self in Mirror


Tigers can be cuddle-bunnies, too.

tigers cuddling

Letting the cows out to grass for the first time in the spring on a farm in Tytherington, South Gloucestershire, England.



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