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A kangaroo joey peeks from his pouch.

joey in pouch

Squee Alert! Get ready to die of cute at 0:16.


Hedgehog Birthday Party

People have WAY too much time on their hands.

The International Society for Endangered Cats has a new baby leopard.

isec-baby leopard

Grant Thompson (a.k.a. “King of Random“) demonstrates how to make a miniature barbecue grill out of an old aluminum can. “I was amazed at how well this really works! I lit two coal briquettes in a separate metal container, and let them burn until the outsides turned white, then I transferred them to the Bitty-Q, but a couple of bratwurst on the grill, and came back 10 minutes later to find them perfectly grilled, and mouthwatering.” Not to mention adorable!

Puppies Interrupt Soccer Match

A pair of adorable puppies interrupt a Turkish soccer match:

Some sort of hummingbird?

interesting hummer

Pic of the Day – 6/1/15

Mustache kitty has appropriated the plant.

mustache kitty in plant

Here in SoCal, we get a natural weather phenomenon called “May Grey” and “June Gloom,” where a thick marine inversion layer settles in every late afternoon/evening and stays put until mid-morning the next day. Every year, we see disappointed tourists on the news complaining about the lousy beach weather. Do your homework, people — this happens EVERY YEAR. You want sunshine, don’t arrive until at least July. Sometimes the layer is high enough that is comes right up to the edge of our neighborhood at approximately 4,500 feet:

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Cisco knows to leave the birds at the birdfeeder alone, but if he sees a squirrel (or chipmunk – he can’t tell them apart) approaching, he barks insanely at them until they leave. It’s his new job. And he takes it VERY SERIOUSLY. I love how he throws his whole body into each bark.

When he’s had a big day, Cisco sleeps like it’s his other Very Important Job.

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Can you spot the grouchy old man’s face in these branches? (Sorry, GOM – no offense!)

Looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons to me.

Looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons to me.

Finally, we went to Tecate yesterday and got some of those incredible street tacos. Even snagged a small jar of their chili sauce to bring home! The main plaza there has been undergoing some renovations over the past several months, and they’re almost done. Right next to the Taqueria Los Amigos, there’s a brand-new mural. She’s a bruja (witch) complete with a deer-spirit materializing from the hair-fan she’s holding, and on the far right, you can see some spirits arriving to her summoning (behind the scaffolding – it might not be completed yet). I bet this is an actual person – she’s depicted so realistically, right down to the cataract in her right eye.

bruja mural

Real Horse Whisperer

Rudi Rok, a comedian and animal impressionist, successfully communicates with a colt named Troia who runs toward Rudi every time he neighs. Rudi has previously demonstrated his uncanny talent for mimicking over 30 different animals and even barking at dogs.

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