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Tiger cub in black and white.

b&w baby tiger


Mini Got Fixed

Since Mini has been coming inside regularly now, we decided we’d better get him fixed. He’d been fighting with and chasing other ferals off his territory, and he’s at the age (around 6 mos.) where he might want to start marking inside the house. We waited a week or so, just to gain his trust, and took him in on Tuesday morning.

Getting him into the carrier was surprisingly easy, and he barely made a peep in the car. He is really the chillest cat I’ve ever met.

Here he is shortly after surgery, still coming out of anesthesia and stumbling around like a little drunken sailor:

The following day (Wednesday) we kept him inside all day. This was VERY difficult for him. By Thursday morning, after around 60 hours of confinement, it was clear we’d have to let him out or he’d destroy the house. He came back in around dusk, though, just like always. Thank goodness he still trusts us.

Stretching with Rich:

mini w-rich

Head scritchies.

He's great about letting you stick fingers between his toes.

He’s great about letting you stick fingers between his toes.



We need to fashion some cat toys, because he is still just a kitten, and he needs ways to safely blow off steam when he’s not outside. I saved a bit of Christmas curling ribbon for this purpose, and he loves mauling on a scrap of fleece. The carpet remnants are good for biting, too.

Wild foxes by photographer Roeselien Raimond.

wild foxes3-roeselien raimond

Great Dane vs. Teeny Chihuahua

Guess who wins?

Duke, a 105 lb Great Dane, backed up onto the couch, scared by a visiting 3.5 lb Chihuahua on first meeting. He also made a German Shepherd pretty nervous. Apparently the Dane wasn’t quite as scared as the time he met a baby chicken and pooped all over himself.

Wild foxes by photographer Roeselien Raimond.

wild foxes4-roeselien raimond

An adorable Syrian brown bear cub named Brutus skillfully climbs into the backyard pool and rides a surfboard with the help of his human Carl Bovard, who runs the Single Vision Animal Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida. Bruiser and his Florida black bear buddy Honey learned to swim at an early age.

Wild foxes by photographer Roeselien Raimond.

wild foxes5-roeselien raimond

Random assortment of stuff:

The sunset from a couple days ago:

sunset 160102

A gorgeous double rainbow this morning:

rainbow 160104

Mini is still coming inside every night. He goes back out in the morning. Such a chill cat – he and Cisco are getting along just fine so far. Tomorrow (hopefully) he goes to the vet to get fixed. Wish us luck getting him into the carrier. Here he is making muffins on his color-coordinated fleece blanket:

mini w-blanket

My mom got us a magnetic knife rack for Christmas. Rich just got it installed. Sure clears up a lot of room in the utensil drawer!

knife rack

Managed to balance four rocks on the kitchen windowsill. I can usually get three to last for a while, but with four, they fell as soon as we opened that window. The wind blew them down. But they stayed up for an hour or so!

stacked stones

Finally, the other evening, the marimo moss balls were floating up and down in their bowl, when two of them settled right on either side of the third ball on the bottom, creating Mickey Mouse ears! (Couldn’t get the camera to focus on them properly, though.)

marimo mickey mouse ears

An adorable red panda at the Maruyama Zoo in a snowy Sapporo, Japan, climbs all over her caretaker and playfully knocks the blue hat off his head as he attempts to feed her and another red panda who is more than happy to join in on the fun.

Wild foxes by photographer Roeselien Raimond.

wild foxes6-roeselien raimond


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