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A tiger cub by photographer Dave Welling. Look at those ears!

tiger cub-dave welling

Husky Playing in Giant Leaf Pile

Butch the Siberian Husky goes absolutely BANANAS over a huge pile of leaves in his backyard.

Orange Tabby vs. Paper Army

Cats love to attack paper. Today, paper fights back.

A bobcat napping in a tree. Cats can sleep anywhere.

bobcat sleeping in tree

“Who’s the penguin? Who’s the penguin? I am!”

Bobcat kitten totem pole.

bobcat kits

Tiger cub hides between Momma’s legs.

tiger momma and cub

Man Sees Wife For First Time Again

Jason Mortensen has been through a lot over the last six years — surgeries, recoveries, surgeries again — and his loving wife has been by his side through all of it. Last month, after a hernia operation “to fix residual tears from a previous surgery,” Jason woke up with no memory of being married.

That sounds like the beginning of a sad story, but it actually has a happy ending.

Not to spoil the video, but it seems that, sometimes, forgetting you were ever married is exactly what your marriage needs.

For the record, this is what Jason’s wife looks like:

“I wish I could remember this but I was definitely out of it.”

Kittens Playing in Hamster Balls

Three adorable 11-week-old fluffy kittens have a blast exploring some hamster balls.

Cisco rarely barks, but he does let loose in his dreams. Finally got good audio, if not video, of Cisco sleep-barking. Often the best bouts happen in the dead of night, so I’ve been trying to remember to set the camera on my bedstand. Sure enough, we got a good bout of barking last night.


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