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A lynx cub. Look at those ears!

baby lynx

“I’m all wrapped up in you, my love.”

two bats wrapped up

Pic of the Day – 4/30/14

Baby goats are literally the cutest things on earth.


baby goat

Pic of the Day – 4/29/14

Squee Alert! Baby goat gets cleaned by a golden retriever.

baby goat w-golden

Baby Goat Love Pile

“Somebody make ’em stop — they’re so soft!”

If giraffes aren’t the most ridiculous-looking creatures on earth, baby giraffes most definitely ARE.

baby giraffe

A line of fuzzy white goslings comin’ to steal your heart.

baby geese


Adorably sleepy animals. Zzzzzz.z……

Polar bear cub takes a swim.

underwater polar bear

Cisco got his staples out last Monday, and he’s just perfect now. He got a bath today, after a two week reprieve (didn’t want to get the stitches wet). I also ordered some hand-stamped ID tags from The Mad Stampers at Etsy. All totally customizable. They did a great job.


The top tag has his name stamped on it, and a little metal heart glued on with a dog print inside:


The second, larger tag has our address stamped on the front, plus a wealth of information engraved on the back:


While visiting Mom-in-law’s assisted living place this Easter, we were sitting outside by the pool when two ducks decided to get it on.


They probably flew over from nearby Lake Murray. They’re swimming around in post-coital bliss, waggling their tails.



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