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Baby Duck Waterslide

Baby ducks sliding down a water slide at the South Carolina State Fair.

Puppy vs. Doorstop

A determined puppy has an epic — and very noisy — battle with a doorstop.

Swag galore.

swag galore

YouTuber Cute Creatures Great And Small posted this adorable video. “This beautiful platypus loved playing in the water and loved a tickle! She was so friendly and ate food right out of my hand! There is only one place you can do this in the world and that’s at Healesville Sanctuary.”

A pair of drunk Irishmen (is that redundant?) encounter a bunny in the road on their way home. Instead of darting off into the darkness, it just keeps on running down the road in front of the car’s headlights, even after they stop to let it run ahead.

Warning: NSFW! There are lots and lots of “fooks” to be heard here.

YouTuber Funnycatsandnicefish made a training fort for her kittens:

“Say, Bob, your hat’s on backwards.”

talking chameleons

Pic of the Day – 7/30/14



Teeny-beeny owl will steal your heart!

teeny owl

YouTuber camelsandfriends posts: “Ostriches love to dance for fun. They do this for exercise and to sharpen their defensive skills for survival. The chicks need to be comfortable with their environment to dance and it’s so much fun watching them.”

Someone needs to set this to “Yakety Sax.”


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