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Canine Ball Boys at Tennis Match

Sporting yellow sweatbands on their legs, three dogs acting as ball boys stole the show at a practice match between tennis stars Venus Williams and Russia’s Svetlana Kuznetsova at the ASB Classic in New Zealand. The dogs — a rescued Bull Mastiff named Oscar, Border Collie Ted, and Jack Russell Terrier Super Teddy — took their jobs seriously, racing to retrieve the balls at just the right time. Everyone from the players to the umpire and the fans were delighted to watch these guys in action, but there was one drawback: They left the tennis balls a bit slobbery. (So they used fresh ones after each play.)


Pic of the Day – 2/6/16

So cute he caught fire!

backlit kitty

A western pygmy possum by photographer Amanda McLean.

western pygmy possum_amanda mclean

A baby anteater born at the Staten Island Zoo.


He’s clearly a Queen fan.

Meet baby Sydney, a southern hairy-nosed wombat at Australia’s Toranga Zoo.

baby sydney-southern hairy nosed wombat-toranga zoo-au

Baby tigers will steal your heart! Or eat it, your choice.

baby tigers

Well, about a week after Mini got fixed, he had a new problem: an infected abscess above his tail. After we got him into a carrier once, though, he wasn’t having it again. Finally we had to buy a top-loading carrier. That did the trick. He went in day before yesterday, and it was bad, apparently. He would’ve been a goner if he was still outdoors. He’d already lost weight, and his energy level was way down. 24 hours after surgery, he’s all spit and vinegar again. He was playing like a monster last night. Here he is wearing the cone of shame. The wound looks worse than it really is because there’s still some cotton and dried blood caked on there.

He loves terrorizing the trailing end of this afghan.

He loves terrorizing the trailing end of this afghan.

This shot was from a couple weeks ago. He was sleeping like this, not stretching:


Finally, we had a pair of bobcats wander through the yard. Looked like a female with her cub. Beautiful animals. Bob tails twitching. I was holding Cisco to prevent him from running up to the window and barking, so I didn’t get any good pics. Just this bit of the female behind a tree as she was leaving.


SQUEE ALERT! Baby sqwerls!

baby sqwerls

Baby wombat looks just like a kung fu grandmaster.

baby wombat looks like kung fu master

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