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Frog TV

Mmmm… delicious worm.

Wolf and cubs.

wolf w-pups

Happy Halloween!

save for halloween-squirrel w-pumpkin

Best. Bonsai. EVER.

save for halloween-old car bonsai

Bird Laughs Like Super-Villain


Pic of the Day – 10/27/15

Behold, the jack-o-pineapple!

save for halloween-jack-o-pineapple

IKEA Singapore recently created a commercial based on the classic Stanley Kubrick film The Shining for Halloween. The commercial features a young boy riding a tricycle through the haunted store in the same way the character Danny rides around The Overlook Hotel in the film.

Tidbits to watch for: at 0:21 is a stuffed bear reminiscent of the creepy bear costume in the movie; at 0:23 in the bedding department is a sign that reads “All work and no sleep makes life dull”; at 0:25 is a display with “REDRUG” scrawled in red over a red rug; and at 0:47 there are some plush toys lined up with the numbers 237 on them (the haunted room number in the movie).

Tiny Corgi Puppy vs. Tiny Pumpkin

A tiny corgi puppy named Maya who lives with a bunch of Pyrenean Mastiffs, does her very best to pick up a small pumpkin that’s probably just as heavy as she is. Although Maya is unable to successfully complete her task, she looks absolutely adorable in her efforts.

Toy Wars

Filmmaker Andrew McMurray imagines toy-based warfare between dads at the playground.

Siamese Cat and Tiny Owl Are BFFs

A beautiful Siamese cat named Cleo and an elegant little owl named Forbi play together like they’ve done since Forbi was a fluffy baby. The two live together in a wonderful home that was created by André Costa, an animal biologist for Buriki Environmental Activities in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, which allowed these natural predatory enemies to become the very best of friends.

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