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The bobcat kits at Big Cat Rescue are doing well enough to get their shots.


Miniature Hats, a Series

The most darling little purple felt beret.

purple felt beret

purple felt beret1

“No, I haven’t been in the algae pond again. Why?”

tiger w-mossy face_Joke Kok

Miniature Hats, a Series

A white straw hat with purple ribbon and flowers.

white straw w-purple ribbon

white straw w-purple ribbon1

Miniature Hats, a Series

A grey straw bonnet with black lace.

grey straw w-black lace

grey straw w-black lace1

It’s a special treat for him.

Miniature Hats, a Series

A straw cloche with flowers.

straw cloche w-flowers

straw cloche w-flowers1

Miniature Hats, a Series

A shallow purple sunhat with ribbons and flowers.

shallow purple sunhat

shallow purple sunhat1

Miniature Hats, a Series

A red fur pillbox with flowers and greenery.

red fur pillbox w-flowers

red fur pillbox w-flowers1

<p><a href=”″>Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki</a> from <a href=””>dono</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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