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Bonsai mounted on rock.

I’ll be posting a number of these videos in the coming days. The men working are always silent, which just adds to the mesmerizing satisfaction I feel watching them and seeing their astounding accomplishments.

McCrimmon’s Lament,” a historic elegy for brave men and women dead in battle.

How Glass Marbles Are Made

See the glass-blower at the glory hole, as he works some brilliant magic to create those magical spheres of beauty that we call marbles.

A stone temple in a moss garden, Kyoto, Japan.

Spoiler Alert: Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not all carved from a single block of wood.

Pic of the Day – 5/23/19

The Temple of Hercules at the Amman Citadel, Jordan, by photographer Zaid Abutaha.

Pic of the Day – 5/19/19

The Temple of Valadier is a sinners’ retreat designed by Italian architect Giuseppe Valadier in the Frasassi
Gorge Marches region of Italy, photographed by Giacomo Marchegiani.

A temple overtaken by a strangler fig… bonsai scene!

On this episode of Planet Slo-Mo, Gav and Dan (The Slow Mo Guys) travel to South Korea to film the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s amazing high flying martial arts combined with gymnastic feats in slow motion. Team members can launch themselves 30 feet into the air smashing wooden boards on their way down. Their spectacular flying, flipping, spinning, twisting, gravity-defying theatrics, showcasing the board smashing is a thrilling spectacle in slow mo.

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